Hey, what are you doing here? Are you writing something about Star Wars or about the planets of our star system? YouGonnaGetRaped 16:17, 21 март 2007 (UTC)

Hi.I have created this site.But i speak not very well English.I speak German and Italian And Bulerian


Hello. Wikia is not a Wikimedia site, so we can not use the name "Wikipedia" here. Please can you remove it from the logo? Thank you. Angela talk 16:25, 22 март 2007 (UTC)

Jedipedia Редактиране

Hi, ich habe gesehen, dass du deutsch reden kannst. Ich bin von der deutschen Star Wars Wiki: Ich verlinke gerade einige unserer Seiten zu den Seiten hier. Ist nicht besonders leicht weil die Schrift schwer für mich zu verstehen ist^^. Könntest du auch die bulgarischen Seiten zu uns verlinken? --Assassin



Hi, see Картинка:Favicon.ico now. This is the correct name. It might need some time until it shows up (clear your cache). Greetings --rieke 06:53, 2 април 2007 (UTC)


Come mai studi l'italiano? Tua mamma viene dall'Italia? MarioMario 20:23, 7 април 2007 (UTC)

Астрономия Редактиране

Привет. Забелязвам, че вече са те надушили, че използваш уикито не по темата, като добавяш астрономически статии - това може да доведе до затварянето на уикито, затова, моят съвет е, да изтрише всички страници, които не са по темата, за да се избегнат конфликти. Също така, имай предвид, че Уикия не е Уикипедия, и целта НЕ Е изграждане на енциклопедия, а тематични сайтове. Енциклопедичната информация следва да отива в Уикипедия, а тук да остава само информация за феновете на темата. —DCLXVI 13:28, 8 април 2007 (UTC)

Skin Редактиране

Hi, looks like it's going to be a while before the techs can fix the slate skin, so I can make it look right using "custom" in the mean time. But what look do you want? Do you want this to look like the English Wookieepedia, with the cityscape? Or do you want the grey and yellow "slate"? Let me know and I'll get it looking right. Regards -- sannse

OK, should all be fixed! Make sure you have "See custom wikis" checked in your preferences, and you will see the correct skin. --- sannse@fandom (talk) 21:09, 12 декември 2007 (UTC)

Polish Wiki - Biblioteka OssusРедактиране

Yeah, thank you but your interwiki links (I mean those links on the left side of the page) still lead to Empirepedia - not to Ossus. I don't know exactly how it can be done but I'm sure some of you will be able to do this. --Jaro7788 15:39, 23 януари 2008 (UTC)

All right then, thanks. As you said - when you have it done, let us know. --Jaro7788 15:55, 23 януари 2008 (UTC)
If you want to change PL link on main page - you have to edit that page, that's all. Interwiki is a little more complicated. You have to enter in MySQL (you can use some myphp admin), and then find a table named "interwiki". In this table find area where are pl letters and link to Empirepedia ( - and change the link from Empirepedia to Ossus, but do not touch the letters pl. The link after all should be like this:$1
Here it's another instruction:

To change interwiki links you will need an administration account on the server, or you will need to ask someone from Wikia staff for help. Ok follow these simple steps, but remember - these operations should be done by someone with mysql experience. Otherwise you can demage your wiki database, and whole the page could crash!

1. log in to wiki database using for example PHPMyAdmin 2. find a table called interwiki 3. select all tabs there and click the "view" button. (or something similiar, i don't remember the exact names) - not the delete button enyway :)

4. You will see something like this:
acronym  	0  	0
- language code, exact adres, and two numbers.

5. Find the 'pl' lanuage code. 6. Click on edit (the pencil icon) and change the adres. I should be$1 (YES with the $1 sign at the end) 7. Save changes and test it. :)

It should be working right now!

--Jaro7788 20:37, 25 януари 2008 (UTC) (translation by Yako)

Unused images Редактиране

Мисля, че би било най-добре е да изтриете някои от неизползваните изображения, защото те не помагат на сайта. Значи, аз ще направя това по-късно. Аз казвам, защото сте добавили някои от тях. -LtNOWIS 07:59, 1 май 2009 (UTC)

Помогни ни, Оби-Уан Кеноби, ти си единствената ни надежда! Редактиране

Моля те, свържи се с мен или с Вихър, ако прочетеш това. Уикито няма активен бюрократ, което е доста неприятно... Adenry 23:15, януари 3, 2012 (UTC)

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