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Ziost (pronunciat /ziɒst/), anomenada a vegades "La Porta de l'Imperi" en els temps de l'Antiga República, era un món fred i tenebrós, compost enterament d'antics boscos obscurs i tundra. No sols era un punt on es concentrava el costat fosc, sinó que també esdevingué la residència i la capital imperial de l'espècie Sith, la qual abandonà el seu món natal, Korriban, després de la mort del seu líder, Adas.


Un nova residència

L'Antiga República

Posteriorment, el planeta pel nou Imperi i es convertí en un dels principals planetes administratius. Es convertí en el the planet was resettled by the new empire, once again becoming a major Sith holding. It served as capital of Imperial buffer space and, eventually, housed the Orbital Defense Command Center, headquarters of the Ministry of Logistics.

Les forces imperials construiren una nova capital planetària, la ciutat de Nova Adasta. La ciutat ràpidament he city quickly became a major trade hub, leading to the planet's being nicknamed the "Gateway to the Empire."

During Operation End Game, Theron Shan visited the planet, where he infiltrated the Orbital Defense Command Center in New Adasta to steal a Black cipher from Minister Davidge's executive office. By the time local officials found out, the agent was already long gone.

In spite of the harsh defeat as a result of Shan's cunning and local security's inability to protect the cipher, the planet remained a key world throughout the duration of the Galactic War.

Following the defeat of Revan by combined Republic and Imperial forces on Yavin 4, the resurrected Sith Emperor attacked Ziost in an attempt to regain control of the empire that he once ruled. He took the minds of legions of Imperial forces on the planet and used them to take the lives of many of the planet's citizens to fuel his own power. When the Republic took notice and sent the Sixth Line to Ziost to investigate, Vitiate forced their ship to crash-land on the surface and took the minds of most of the Jedi inside. At the same time, an Imperial task force led by the Minister of Sith Intelligence Lana Beniko arrived and attempted to stop Vitiate. Undeterred, he was able to consume Ziost, resulting in a barren, frozen wasteland which only left a few Monoliths alive. The atmosphere, however, remained breathable. Members of the Republic and the Sith Empire traveled to Ziost once more to gather information on what exactly had taken place.

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