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Stormtroopers Boozer

Does anyone have any idea of what pubs/clubs Stormtroopers preferred to drink and cause AJ mayhem?
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Foxhound Battalion

A Battalion of veteran Stormtroopers defect after they become disgruntle and disenfranchised after the standards of the Corps are lowered by allowing females and aliens species within the ranks.
The Battalion commander (Major Fegan) takes matters into his own hands by escaping the fleet with his officers and troops.
After traveling for weeks in unknown hostile territory and with limited supply’s the men are desperate and in need of refuge. The Battalion finally finds a hidden location, somewhere in the Outer Rim system. A Forward Operational Base (FOB) is established and supply’s are refurbished from their new found home. There, the Major and his staff officers plan and prepare to make contact with the criminal organisation known as the Black Sun. The majors intent is quite clear in his mind. To put a professional Private Military Contractor firm back on the market and to reestablish the fighting spirit of the “REAL” Stormtroopers Corps.
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Ranking The Jedi Grand Masters From Weakest To Strongest
Ranking The Jedi Grand Masters From Weakest To Strongest YouTube
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Battlefront 2 Clone Wars Hero Releases in a nutshell:

Grievous: OMG HES SO COOLLLLL.... broken and glitchy.... BUT STILL SO COOL


Count Dooku: Oh yeah, he’s here too I guess...

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will rey make a double bladed lightsaber?

in star wars ix will rey make a make double blue bladed lightsaber with pieces of the skywalker lightsaber since she is already a good stick fighter. right?

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Did the Republic retreat from Ringo Vinda or not?

In the first few episodes of Season 6 of Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Republic were fighting the Separatist at the Mid Rim planet, Ringo Vinda. Who won the battle is my question.

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Who thinks there should be a movie about Qi'ra?

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What should the new Cassian Andor TV series be called?

What do you think the http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Untitled_Cassian_Andor_television_series should be called?

I think that 'alliance Intelligence' or something to that effect sounds pretty good.
Untitled Cassian Andor television series
Untitled Cassian Andor television series Wookieepedia
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Wiki Scavenger Hunt

Search Wookieepedia for the answers!

Each description contains a clue to a wiki page for a starting point. Follow links from there to find the answers. (Tip: It helps to take a screenshot of the questions or open a new browser tab before you start digging.)
Post your answers BEFORE reading the comments!

Here we go.... they're a little harder this time around!

1. Canon - The name of the moon where the wreckage of a space yacht thought to be custom designed by the head if the manufacturing company of the TIE line of starfighters can be found.

2. Legends - The simian animal species found on the homeworld of the Republic Chancellor who succeeded the one who was assassinated aboard the starship Founder in 3641 BBY.

Happy hunting!
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Anakin Skywalker skins in Star Wars battlefront 2

I think I figured out the anakin Skywalker skins in Star Wars battlefront 2. His episode 3 appearance and his rode appearance like when the they relese obi wan kenobi. What do you think?

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Yoda’s Weekly Wisdom #3

In Yoda’s Weekly Wisdom, I post an inspiring/peaceful/wise quote. You can just read it and move on, or feel free to discuss its meaning, how it’s affected you, etc. in the comments. Alright then, your weekly quote: “Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.” —Obi-Wan Kenobi

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star wars story

What should be the next star wars story?
(No solo no rogue one)
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Please explain

How was luke able to use force choke in “Return of the Jedi” and not fall to the dark side?
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unproduced episodes of the clone wars

Dose anyone have a list of books or comics based on unproduced episodes of the clone wars I know there is this book that is pictured but is there anything else
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Behold the Lord and Savior
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IRL when my friend tells me to take Civics next Semester
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