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star wars story

What should be the next star wars story?
(No solo no rogue one)
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Please explain

How was luke able to use force choke in “Return of the Jedi” and not fall to the dark side?
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unproduced episodes of the clone wars

Dose anyone have a list of books or comics based on unproduced episodes of the clone wars I know there is this book that is pictured but is there anything else
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Behold the Lord and Savior
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IRL when my friend tells me to take Civics next Semester
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Favorite EU Story?

My All Time Favorites are
1. Yuzzhan Vong War/New Jedi Order

I love this, because it was amazing, giving all the characters unique Challenges and Character Arcs, as well as delivering a Great Galactic Wide Conflict, which has a unique and rich history. The yuzzhan vong war has heavy stakes and emotion. It's a action packed emotional rollercoaster of a series which redefines what star wars can be.

2. Legacy of the Force

Seeing Jacen Solo's Turn to the Dark Side was Really Well Written, and made me sympathize with his character and motivations, as well as goals. He was more complex than most sith. Seeing the Fracturing of the Skywalker family was heartbreaking, and jaina solo stepping into her own was A refreshing change for her Character. Seeing the Mandolorians in a New Way was Cool.

3. Dark Empire

This is a Controversial choice, but I love this story, All the Characters have great Dynamics, a unique twist with luke and Sheev, and the Eclipse is Still my Favorite star destroyer.

4. Legacy Comic Series

The Legacy Comics stand on their own, by delivering a great story of redemption, while tying the Loose Ends of the Series together. I love the imperial knights, as well as the Fel Empire (the best empire). Darth Krayt is Awesome, has real motivations, and the stakes are high. Cade Skywalker is a Neat Guy, who has a unique personality for a Skywalker, it was refreshing to see him embrace his family legacy, and try to help the galaxy, after many mistakes. Having him be conflicted by the pull of the dark, the freedom vs the tenants are the jedi....mmmmm... so good.

5. Fate of the Jedi

Seeing Luke and Ben together is Great, and seeing clone wars references, like the ones, was a thing I really enjoyed. Abeloth, while being ogrepowered, is a Different Type of Villain. Much like the Joker From DC, is insane character, who really challenges the protagonist. Ben steps into his own, and has a great romance in Vestaira Khai, a SITH, was a complete shock.

6. Thrawn Trilogy

Ironic. Many Regard it as the best of the EU, I like it for its intro the EU, and the intro of The Most Well Known Characters of that time. I also dig anything with Thrawn.

For Fellow Legends Fans https://discord.gg/sPwM7T
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What are the best new canon novels?

What are the best new canon novels to read? Want to pick one up!

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What is your favorite creature/animal in the SW universe? And once you have decided, please give an explanation to WHY they are your favorite.

Note- My answer will be in the comments

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Magma Troopers

Why is there two separate wikis for this and they both state its cannon? Only difference is armor looks and that could have just been put into equipment. If I have this wrong please let me know.

(Also since switching to the other app how do I imbed a photo? I’m on iOS) (ok thanks to @givenname for help on pic)




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Unknown Imperial Trooper

Does anyone know the name of that Imperial trooper on Mustafar in one of the VR games?

I remember it looked like an Imperial Combat Assault Tank Pilot but with blue markings.

I can’t find it anywhere on the wiki nor can I find any images.

Please help! 😫

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Solo Oscar nomination

Solo was nominated for an Oscar for Visual Effects. The nominations were announced during Good Morning America this morning.
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New Star Wars game

Hey, anyone able to update me on the open world game?? I heard the recent news but is it still happening??
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Will the next Star Wars movie title be dark or bright?

For instance, a dark title would be like “The fall of the republic” or “rise of the first order”

a bright one would be like “the spark of hope” or “a galaxy United”

Dark or Bright
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  • Bright
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Comment if you don't want this App to Shut Down

I've just got the notification that this app will shut down and I'd like people to comment if they agree with me.

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New LAAT model or just artistic interpretation?

From Age of Republic Special #1
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