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This Discussions forum is part of the Wookieepedia community and serves as a positive and inclusive place for everyone to celebrate Star Wars together. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or new to the franchise, this is the place for you!

There are a few rules to help make sure that discussions on Wookieepedia remain strong, and there is a team of Discussions moderators committed to helping create a fun experience. The rules, moderators, and forum layout are described here and listed below:

1. Stick to the facts. Opinion posts are welcome as long as they discuss existing information about Star Wars, either in-universe or out-of-universe.

2. Stay on topic. A thread should continue discussing the topics set by the original post.

3. Be mature and civil. Toxic behavior and buzz-phrases such as "Mary Sue" or "ruined Star Wars" will be deleted, as will trolling and personal attacks.

4. Share the feed. Posts that repeat a topic discussed less than a week ago will be locked, and users may only post up to three polls in a 24-hour period. Forum vandalism will be deleted.

5. Phrase posts positively. A post asking "what's the best?" prompts a great thread; a post asking "what's the worst?" does not.

6. Follow spoiler policy. New content should be kept to one spoiler thread per topic, with a spoiler warning written in the post title. Leaks will be deleted.

7. "Who would win?" posts are not allowed. Power-scaling in Star Wars is a futile effort.

8. Politics or religion should not be discussed. They are off-topic unless discussed in comparison to Star Wars.

9. No self-promotion or asking for upvotes. Additionally, wish lists, fanon, and roleplay are part of what Wookieepedia is not and belong elsewhere.

10. Use one account only. No sockpuppetry.

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The rest of this page consists of the community guidelines—general best practices, pro tips, and helpful links to further encourage users to make the best discussions on the forum.

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We also expect users to read entire threads before commenting, so they don't accidentally repeat a topic that was already discussed.

If you make a typo in a post or comment, you can edit it by clicking on an icon in the top corner. Avoid posting multiple comments in a row.

That icon also presents an option to report comments that break the site rules. Do not interact with rule-breakers yourself, as that tends to escalate arguments.

The best posts on the forum come from on creativity, quality, and overall generation of good conversations about Star Wars. If there's one thing this forum is for, it's for learning new ways to appreciate the franchise that brought us all here.

These guidelines were produced from this community discussion: