For battles, use Template:battle.

For three-way battles, use Template:Triple battle infobox.

For four-way battles, use Template:Quad battle infobox.

For wars or other conflicts, use Template:War.

For three-way wars, use Template:Three-way War.

For four-way wars, use Template:Four-way War.

For missions, use Template:mission.

For duels, use Template:duel.

For campaigns, use Template:Campaign.

For general events, use Template:event.

Field list

  • image
  • name
  • timeframe (collapsible)
  • conflict (collapsible)
  • date (collapsible)
  • place (collapsible)
  • outcome (collapsible)
  • key (collapsible)
  • participants (collapsible)


To use this template, paste the following code into the top of the article, filling all relevant fields:



{{subst:slh|B0C4DE}} {{subst:sli|B0C4DE}} {{subst:slc|B0C4DE}} {{subst:sld|Timeframe|timeframe}} {{subst:sld|Conflict|conflict}} {{subst:sld|Date|date}} {{subst:sld|Place|place}} {{subst:sld|Outcome|outcome}} {{subst:sld|Affiliations involved|key}} {{subst:sld|Participants|participants}} {{subst:slf|B0C4DE}}

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