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{{subst:ns|[[Kuat Drive Yards|Kuat]] [[capital ship]] classes|#bbd}}
{{subst:nh|Factory ships}}
{{subst:nt|''[[Arc Hammer]]''}}
{{subst:nt|[[Kuat dropship]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Escort Carrier]] - [[Galactic-class battle carrier|''Galactic''-class battle carrier]]}}
{{subst:nh|Assault ships}}
{{subst:nt|[[Acclamator I-class assault ship|''Acclamator I''-class assault ship]] - [[Acclamator II-class assault ship|''Acclamator II''-class assault ship]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Broadside-class cruiser kdb-1|''Broadside''-class cruiser kdb-1]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Class II Frigate]] - [[Class 1000 cruiser]] - [[Corona-class frigate|''Corona''-class line frigate]] - ''[[Demolisher]]'' - [[Dragon-class heavy cruiser|''Dragon''-class heavy cruiser]] - [[EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate]] - [[Enforcer-class picket cruiser|''Enforcer''-class picket cruiser]] - ''[[Kalla's Stanchion]]'' - [[Kuat capital ship (small)]] - [[Lancer-class frigate|''Lancer''-class frigate]] - [[MedStar-class frigate|''MedStar''-class medical frigate]] - [[Nebulon-B2 frigate]] - [[Star Galleon-class frigate|''Star Galleon''-class frigate]] - [[Victory II-class frigate|''Victory II''-class frigate]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Imperial I-class Star Destroyer|''Imperial I''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Imperial II-class Star Destroyer|''Imperial II''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Interdictor Star Destroyer]] - [[Main communications ship]] - [[Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer|''Pellaeon''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer|''Rejuvenator''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Tector-class Star Destroyer|''Tector''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Venator-class Star Destroyer|''Venator''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Victory I-class Star Destroyer|''Victory I''-class Star Destroyer]] - [[Victory II-class Star Destroyer|''Victory II''-class Star Destroyer]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Gauntlet Star Cruiser]] - [[Super Star Destroyer (hunchbacked)]] - [[Super Star Destroyer (sleek)]]}}
{{subst:nt|[[Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser|''Praetor''-class Star Battlecruiser]] - [[Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser|''Procurator''-class Star Battlecruiser]] - [[Star Destroyer-class battlecruiser|''Star Destroyer''-class battlecruiser]] - ''[[Vengeance (Jerec's Super Star Destroyer)|Vengeance]]''}}
{{subst:nt|[[Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought|''Eclipse''-class Star Dreadnought]] - [[Executor-class Star Dreadnought|''Executor''-class Star Dreadnought]] - [[Mandator I-class Star Dreadnought|''Mandator I''-class Star Dreadnought]] - [[Mandator II-class Star Dreadnought|''Mandator II''-class Star Dreadnought]] - [[Sovereign-class Star Dreadnought|''Sovereign''-class Star Dreadnought]]}}