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Hello there, I'm east!

I'm the bureaucrat of Sithpedi and one of the admins of Altered Carbon Wiki. I'm here to help you with anything Star Wars & Altered Carbon-related.

For all your questions, you can leave a message in my message wall, send a friend request to me in Discord (@east#1881) or send me an e-mail! (

Who am I?

I'm one of the founders/administrators of Turkey's one of the biggest Star Wars communities and it's content creator, bureaucrat of Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi, admin of Altered Carbon Wiki, and a Minecraft enthusiast. I've been trying to present information and bring to its readers the joy potential Star Wars has to offer to Turkish communities.

Why "east"?

I was using the nickname "Yukushi" in one of my favorite Discord communities and a member asked me my real name and it's translation then said "Hmm, nice. I'll call you east for now on then.". Thanks to him, everyone started calling me east and I started using that username on almost every platform I'm in. Also at the time I lived in Poland, my friends preferred to call me east.

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