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East6 @ FANDOM


Hello there, I'm east!

I'm the founder-member of Turkish Wikis Community and one of the members of Sithpedi, Sithpedi Fanon, Altered Carbon Wiki and Warhammer 40K Viki. I'm here to help you with anything they cover.

For all your questions, you can leave a message in my message wall, send a friend request to me in Discord (@east#1881) or send me an e-mail! (

Who am I?

I'm one of the founders/administrators of Turkey's one of the biggest Star Wars communities and it's content creator, bureaucrat of Sithpedi, admin of Sithpedi Fanon, Altered Carbon Wiki and Warhammer 40K Viki. I've been trying to present information and bring to its readers the joy potential Star Wars has to offer to Turkish communities.

Why "east"?

I was using the nickname "Yukushi" in one of my favorite Discord communities and a member asked me my real name and it's translation then said "Hmm, nice. I'll call you east for now on then.". Thanks to him, everyone started calling me east and I started using that username on almost every platform I'm in. Also at the time I lived in Poland, my friends preferred to call me east.

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