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Jedi Academy Training Manual es un sourcebook para la Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition de Wizards of the Coast que salió a la venta el 19 de mayo del 2009. Partes del libro fueron escritas desde una perspectiva in-universe, asumiendo que el lector es un estudiante de la Academia Jedi de Ossus en los años anteriores a la Guerra Sith–Imperial.

Resumen del editor

"Mind what you have learned. Save you, it can."

Students come from all corners of the galaxy to study the ways of the Jedi. Under the guidance of talented Jedi Masters, these students gain knowledge of the Force and become the guardians of peace and justice. Yet the power of the dark side is ever-present, tempting reckless students to walk the path of evil. Your destiny is in your hands. Will you grow to become a powerful Jedi Knight, or succumb to the lure of the dark side?


*New talents, Force powers, and other options for Force-using heroes.

*Expanded rules for lightsaber creation and customization.

*Descriptions of various Force-using traditions.

*Information on famous Jedi and dangerous villains that threaten the Jedi Order.

Resumen online

Star Wars Roleplaying Games - Jedi Academy Training Manual, the ultimate guide to Jedi secrets from all eras of the Star Wars saga. Delve into the world of the Jedi, from the earliest days of the Old Republic and the Dark Times, to fall of the Galactic Empire and the reemergence of the Jedi Order. Never before has there been a more exciting Jedi Manual for the ultimate Star Wars fan!

* All-new Force powers, talents, feats, and other new mechanics designed to enhance Force-sensitive characters.

* An extensive lightsaber customization system.

* A close look at the heroes and enemies of the Jedi Order throughout the Star Wars saga

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