HoloNet News Vol. 531 51 oli yksi Tähtien sota -universumiin kuuluvista Holonet News -numeroista, jotka julkaistiin vähän ennen Kloonien hyökkäyksen julkaisua.


  • NEWS:
    • Coruscant Restricts Immigration
    • Moe's Bomb Identified
    • Port Crowding Increases Virus Risks
    • Senators Found Gambling on Secessions
    • Boon Calls Loyalists a Shadow Government
    • Tanjay IV Representative Dead in Crash
    • Senator Tikkes Jumps Bail
    • Successful Engine Tests Cause Sienar Stock Surge
    • Droid Rights Activists Decry Brilliant Missiles
    • Moe Funeral Disrupted by Dug Activists
    • Kabal Riots Quelled by Separatists; 4 Jedi Among the Dead
    • Activists Deface Jedi Temple Lobby
    • Brawl at Regional Dejarik Tournament
    • Flugg Opts for New Arm
  • LIFE:
    • Today's Traveler - The Art of Dealing with Snivvians
    • Quest for Quasar Fans Don't Like Ottekvar
    • Jobal and Yari Split Up

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