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You blocked me on wookieepedia for correcting information that retarded users were incorrect about because theyre too stupid to realise that any new canon does not apply to films already released! Also if they check the imperial rank insignia page on that wiki they would find that what I said is correct. I stated that jerjerrod is credited with being a Moff however the insignia indicated he was only a commander also vader referred to him as commander not a Moff - check your facts before you abuse your powers to help retards keep wrong information on your wiki - as soon as my account is back I will be tracking down the website owner and reporting you directly to them for abusing powers

Threat? It's not a threat if I'm actually going to do it after my account is unblocked - and I will now report your threat to increase the ban too. Stop abusing your powers and leave my corrections in place as they are in fact true. check wookieepedia for imperial rank insignia and you will find my information is 100% accurate to what it says. Further bullshit will be reported wookieepedia's owner as insults and abuse of power 👍

You tell me to grow up? Says the retarded admin who is abusing powers. I suggest you stop abusing powers before I report you to the authorities for abusing your administrative powers. Also I can use whatever wikis I want - YOU DON'T OWN THE INTERNET YOU FUCKING RETARD!

You post admin autonomy and say staff won't get involved, you do realise that owners are not considered as staff - Check up on your facts yet again

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