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Star Wars Gamer 1 oli ensimmäinen numero Star Wars Gamer -sarjassa. Se julkaistiin 1. syyskuuta 2000.


  • Understanding the Jedi Code by J. D. Wiker
  • Duel of the Fates by Andy Collins
  • Shipbuilding Secrets by Thomas M. Reid
  • The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Marvel Series by Rich Handley and Joe Bongiorno A look at six races and species from the Marvel Comics series, Em'liy, Iskalonian, Stenax, S'kytri, Nagai & Zeltron.
  • Tatooine Grudge Match by J. D. Wiker
  • Peril in the Ionosphere by Steve Miller
  • Rendezvous at Ord Mantell by Andy Collins
  • The Anzati by J. D. Wiker


  • "The Starfighter Trap" by Steve Miller
  • "Fair Prey" by Dan Wallace