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Star Wars Gamer 5 oli viides numero Star Wars Gamer -sarjassa. Se julkaistiin 1. toukokuuta 2001.


  • Rogues Gallery: Darksiders
  • Hagwa Cheeska Hutt: Words to Live By by "Ebenn Baobab"
  • The Emperor's Pawns by Abel G. Peña and Juan Schwartz
  • The Seeds of Villainy by Jeff Grubb
  • The Sith Compendium by Michael Mikaelian
  • A Campaign Guide to the Centrality by Michael Kogge
  • The Hutt Hit by Jeff Grubb
  • Talnar's Rescue by Sterling Hershey
  • University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Chiss by Juan Schwartz
  • Special Ops: The Charlatan by Jesse Decker
  • Special Ops: The Slicer by Patrick McLaughlin


  • The Crystal by Elaine Cunningham
  • Darkness Shared by Bill Slavicsek