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Star Wars Gamer 7 oli seitsemäs numero Star Wars Gamer -sarjassa. Se julkaistiin 1. syyskuuta 2001.


  • Rogues Gallery: Fringers
  • Bartyn's Landing by Cory J. Herndon, with illustrations by Matt Hatton
  • Secrets of Mos Eisley by Peter Schweighofer
  • Harbingers of Doom by Owen K.C. Stephens
  • Alien Anthology Addendum by Steve Miller
  • Star Wars Silent Death: The New Jedi Order by Erik A. Dewey
  • Reckonings by Cory J. Herndon
  • Galaxy's Most Wanted: Scourge of the Desert by Michael Mikaelian
  • University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Anx by Craig Robert Carey, Jason Fry and Dan Wallace
  • Special Ops: The Dilettante by Jesse Decker
  • Special Ops: The Vehicle Ace by Michael Mikaelian


  • Red Sky, Blue Flame by Elaine Cunningham