Star Wars Insider 92 on 92. Star Wars Insider -sarjassa julkaistu numero. Se ilmestyi helmikuussa 2007.



  • Indiana Jones 4 Announcement: Skywalking News — May 2008.
  • "The In-Between Theory" — A synopsis of French photographer Cédric Delsaux's work of Star Wars props on location in the real world.
  • "The Toys That Never Were" — A synopsis of unreleased Kenner action figures.
  • "Unknown Origins" — The features of the Prequel Trilogy that survived from the first draft of Star Wars.
  • "Pirates of the Boards, Part 2" — Star Wars storyboards from the earliest drafts.
  • "Puzzle Planet" — The models of Episode III, Part 3. This edition is from Utapau.


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