Star Wars Insider 94 on 94. Star Wars Insider -sarjassa julkaistu numero. Se ilmestyi toukokuussa 2007.



  • "The Star Wars Effect Part 1" by Paul Simpson — How Star Wars influenced TV and Films.
  • "Interviews: Mark Hamill, Koo Stark & Garrick Hagon"
  • "Interviews: Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Phil Brown, & Shelagh Fraser"
  • "Interview: Carrie Fisher"
  • "Interview: Peter Diamond"
  • "The Star Wars Effect Part 2" by Paul Simpson — How Star Wars influenced the technical aspects of filmmaking.
  • "Tribute: Peter Cushing"
  • "Interviews: David Prowse & James Earl Jones"
  • "Tribute: Alec Guinness"
  • "The Empire Strikes Fact!" by Jonathan Wilkins — 28 Facts and Trivia about the famous Saga you may not know.


  • "Editor's Welcome" by Brian J. Robb
  • "Com-Scan" — US Postal Stamps, Robot Chicken, various Star Wars exhibitions around the world
  • "In Focus" — Gentle Giant
  • "Books" by Jason Fry — The book boom post-1977
  • "Comics" by Daniel Wallace — Legacy "The Ghosts of Ossus"
  • "Toys" by Frank Parisi — Updates on Hasbro and the Sideshow Space Slug environment
  • "Star Wars Q&A" by Pablo Hidalgo
  • "Scouting the Galaxy" by Steve Sansweet
  • "International Collecting" by Gus Lopez — Australia
  • "Set Piece" by Chris TrevasNaboo Royal Starship
  • "Padawan's Corner" by Cynthia Cummens — How to Draw: C-3PO
  • "Bantha Tracks" by Mary Franklin
  • "The Indy Vault" by J.W. Rinzler — Look back at Temple of Doom
  • "Comlink Letters"