The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 5 on Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazinen viides numero. Numeron 22 jälkeen lehti tunnettiin nimellä Star Wars Insider.

Numero julkaistiin syksyllä 1988.



  • "Collections: Foreign Star Wars Collectibles", Adam Schultz
  • "Is it Real or a Replicar?", Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Joanne Whalley: Revealing the Secrets of Sorsha", Dan Madsen
  • "Sneak Preview: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
  • "The Land Before Time Preview", Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Lucasfilm Games: Exploring New Frontiers"
  • "Inside ILM: The Visual Effects of Who Framed Roger Rabbit", John S. Davis
  • "Warwick Davis: An Unlikely Hero, Part 2", Dan Madsen and John S. Davis
  • "Why Vader Won't Do Conventions", Lisa E. Cowan and R. Tomasic