The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine 6 on Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazinen kuudes numero. Numeron 22 jälkeen lehti tunnettiin nimellä Star Wars Insider.

Numero julkaistiin talvella 1988.



  • "George Lucas: The Force Behind Lucasfilm", Dan Madsen
  • "If Collecting Has A Name, It Must Be Indiana Jones", Adam Schultz
  • "John Pomeroy: Producing The Land Before Time", Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Kevin Pollack: Playing Small, But Thinking Big", Dan Madsen
  • "A Design of Destiny: The Making of a Dream", Lisa E. Cowan
  • "Sneak Preview: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
  • "Inside ILM--Cocoon: The Return", John S. Davis


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