• Hi. Could you please edit the ka-wiki link on the main fr-wiki page? Just change it to ვარსკვლავური_ომების_ვიკი:მთავარი_გვერდი - because Star_Wars_Wiki:მთავარი_გვერდი is invalid.

    Also - and here's a little question - why does the Hotcat script link at the bottom disappear quite frequently? I was trying to sync the Old Republic game links (for example) and it's gone. The same thing happens from time to time. Cleaning browser cache or other things doesn't work at all.

    Thank you!

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    • Hello Orgus,

      The ka-wiki link is udpated.

      The hotcat script use the gadget feature of the wiki. For an unknown reason, some times gadgets are unavailable. You can see it because the gadget tab disappear in user's preferences.
      I tried to contact support fandom but the answer was "sorry but we don't understand your problem. Gadgets are currently available".

      So I wait for the next appearance of the bug to make some screenshot and opening a new tickets.^^


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    • Thanks.

      Yes I've noticed it. The gadgets section just goes off - for the uncertain amount of time. Which is so annoying...but hopefully you will manage to catch the bug next time...wondering how they will explain and deal with this issue.

      Thanks for updating the iw!


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