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Star Wars: The Card Game est un jeu de cartes édité par Fantasy Flight Games depuis 2012.


Extensions de luxes[]

Packs de Force[]

The Hoth Cycle[]

Cycle Echoes of the Force[]

Cycle Rogue Squadron[]

  • Ready for Takeoff
  • Draw Their Fire
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Attack Run
  • Chain of Command
  • Jump to Lightspeed

Cycle Endor[]

  • Solo's Command
  • New Alliances
  • The Forest Moon
  • So Be It
  • Press the Attack
  • Redemption and Return

Cycle Opposition[]

  • Ancient Rivals
  • A Wretched Hive
  • Meditation and Mastery
  • Scrap Metal
  • Power of the Force
  • Technological Terror

Cycle Alliances[]

  • Allies of Necessity
  • Aggressive Negotiations
  • Desperate Circumstances
  • Swayed by the Dark Side
  • Trust in the Force
  • Promise of Power