Fàilte gu Jedipeid Wiki na Gàidhlig
Fàilte gu Jedipeid Wiki, an Star Wars leabhar-eòlais a tha fosgailte do dhuine sam bith. 7 aistidhean anns a’ Ghàidhlig.
A word in English
Greetings to fans of Star Wars all over the world! Welcome in Jedipeid Wiki, a free Star Wars encyclopaedia in Scottish Gaelic, which can be edited by everyone! Create a new article or help improve one of the existing ones. Special pages might give you some inspiration, especially the list of most wanted pages. Or you can see what pages we already have. For those who are new to Jedipeid Wiki, the guidelines contain all the information necessary to start. If you want so take a little look into the Scottish Gaelic language, you are also right here.
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