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{{Cacleanup|Unidentified Tatooine astromech droid (second review)}}
|name=Unidentified Tatooine astromech droid
|homeworld=[[Tatooine/Legends|Tatooine]]<ref name="Jedi Academy">''[[Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy]]''</ref>
|manufacturer=[[Industrial Automaton/Legends|Industrial Automaton]]<ref name="TNEGTD">''[[The New Essential Guide to Droids]]'' establishes that the [[R5-series astromech droid]]s were made by [[Industrial Automaton/Legends|Industrial Automaton]] and were a "meter-high stack."</ref>
|line=[[R-series/Legends|R-series]]<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
|model=[[R5-series astromech droid]]<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
|class=[[Astromech droid/Legends|Astromech droid]]{{Fact}}
|degree=[[Second-degree droid]]{{Fact}}
|height=1 [[Imperial standard meter|meter]]<ref name="TNEGTD" />
|plating=[[Color/Legends|White]] with red trim<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
|era=[[New Republic era]]<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
|affiliation=[[Unidentified Tatooine moisture farmer|Tatooine moisture farmer]]<ref name="Jedi Academy" />}}
{{Quote|You must be the droid we were sent for.|Jaden Korr, upon finding the R5|Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy}}
An [[Industrial Automaton/Legends|Industrial Automaton]]-made<ref name="TNEGTD" /> [[R5-series astromech droid|R5-series]] '''astromech droid''' was owned by a [[Human/Legends|Human]] [[Unidentified Tatooine moisture farmer|moisture farmer]] who lived on the [[Desert/Legends|desert]] [[Planet/Legends|planet]] [[Tatooine/Legends|Tatooine]]<ref name="Jedi Academy" /> in [[14 ABY/Legends|14 ABY]].<ref name="Date">According to ''[[Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy]]'', the events in the game take place ten [[Standard year/Legends|years]] after the [[Battle of Endor/Legends|Battle of Endor]], which according to the ''[[The Essential Reader's Companion]]'' is placed in [[4 ABY/Legends|4 ABY]].</ref> The [[Astromech droid/Legends|astromech droid]] had [[Color/Legends|white]] plating with red trim<ref name="Jedi Academy" /> and stood one [[Imperial standard meter|meter]] tall.<ref name="TNEGTD" />
The farmer ordered the [[Droid/Legends|droid]] to record a conversation about the [[Disciples of Ragnos]]&mdash;a cult that was trying to revive the [[Death/Legends|dead]] [[Sith Lord/Legends|Sith Lord]] [[Marka Ragnos]]&mdash;that he overheard in a local [[Cantina/Legends|cantina]]. When he became fearful of reprisals from the cult, he sold the [[R-series/Legends|R-series]] droid to a band of [[Jawa/Legends|Jawas]].<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
When the [[New Jedi Order]] found out about the droid, the Human [[Jedi/Legends|Jedi]] [[Jedi Initiate|Padawan]] [[Jaden Korr]] [[Mission to Tatooine (Disciples of Ragnos crisis)|went]] to get the droid from the Jawas. The [[Jedi/Legends|Jedi]] had to fight his way through [[Tusken Raider/Legends|Tusken Raiders]] that had attacked the Jawas, but eventually he located the R5 unit and impounded it without paying the Jawas. The information obtained from the droid helped Korr and the Jedi Order stop the cult from reviving the dead [[Sith/Legends|Sith]] [[Lord/Legends|Lord]].<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
==Behind the scenes==
The astromech droid appeared in the [[2003]] [[LucasArts]] [[video game]] ''[[Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy]]''.<ref name="Jedi Academy" />
*''[[Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy]]'' {{1st}}
==Notes and references==
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