"I mean, I am a lady who still has the Star Wars comforter she got in 1977 on her bed. I have action figures displayed all around my house. I wrote a song about seeing Star Wars when I was in an indie rock band. I waited in line for six weeks in a tent for Phantom Menace. I have an Amidala symbol tattooed on my body. So, you know, Star Wars is a pretty big deal to me."
―Cecil Castellucci[src]

Cecil Castellucci (born October 25, 1969) is a Canadian-American author who co-wrote, along with Jason Fry, the junior novel Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure. The novel is a part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens multimedia initiative and was released on September 4, 2015. The title focuses heavily on Leia Organa.[3]

Castellucci has written several other Young Adult novels, including Boyproof, The Queen of Cool, Beige, and Tin Star, as well as the graphic novel The Plain Janes and its sequel, Janes in Love.[2]

She also began a music career in the early nineties, and formed the indie rock bands Bite and Nerdy Girl. She would later release the EP Whoever under the name Cecil Seaskull. In 2006, Castellucci wrote, directed, and played in the film Happy Is Not Hard to Be.[2]

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