"I don't recognize your face. You're new to the business. What's your name?"
"Never mind my name. Don't try to sweet-talk me, Fett. I heard you were dangerous. Heard you were the best. You don't seem that hot to me, Fett. We took you pretty easy. Pretty easy."
Boba Fett being held hostage by Furlag[src]

Furlag was a small-time bounty hunter with large, batlike ears. Operating during the height of the Galactic Empire, he was not well-known, but often worked with other prominent bounty hunters, such as Zuckuss and 4-LOM. He, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM were subcontracted by fellow hunter Skorr on Ord Mantell during the early Galactic Civil War in the hunt for a group of prospective Rebels. The bounty hunters tracked them to a spaceport on Ord Mantell; they found Rebel agent Kestrel there, and began firing at her, but the Rebel was able to escape into a ship. Furlag's quarry was able to flee the planet. Furlag held Skorr responsible for the botching of the mission, and was furious with the other hunter.

Several years later, Furlag again teamed up with 4-LOM and Zuckuss as well as several other bounty hunters including the Trandoshan Bossk to attempt to pry Han Solo's carbonite-encased body from Boba Fett. Furlag was present along with several other members of the loose coalition during an attempt on Fett's life on Gall, which was intended to distract the Mandalorian long enough for other bounty hunters to retrieve Solo from his ship, Slave I. Fett escaped, though, and fled the planet; Furlag and the others gave chase in Bossk's ship, the Hound's Tooth, eventually catching up with Fett. Furlag was part of a boarding party which managed to apprehend and disarm Fett on Slave I. The batlike bounty hunter was then charged with escorting Fett to the ship's force cages and imprisoning him. Fett, however, was able to outsmart the less-experienced bounty hunter; in an elevator, he activated an unused crawl shaft, sending Furlag to meet his death in space.


Working for Skorr on Ord MantellEdit

"Grah! Heck of a party, Skorr…Too bad you forgot the favors!"
―Furlag, to Skorr, after Kestrel's escape[src]
Furlag sote

Furlag confronts Boba Fett.

A tall humanoid male with large, batlike ears, a brown-furred body, and a set of sharp teeth, Furlag was a bounty hunter operating during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He wasn't well known, though, among his fellow bounty hunters, and he did not have much of a reputation.[2] Despite this, however, he did sometimes work with some of the best in the business, as part of a team.[2][3] In 0 BBY, Skorr, a prominent bounty hunter in the Bright Jewel Cluster, subcontracted Furlag to help him execute an Imperial bounty on an Alliance to Restore the Republic agent named Kestrel, as well as several other prospective Rebels, on the planet Ord Mantell. Skorr was working for Imperial Security Bureau operative Mar Barezz, and also hired bounty hunting duo 4-LOM and Zuckuss, who were among the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.[4]

Furlag angry

Furlag, furious with Skorr after Kestrel's escape.

Skorr had tracked the Rebels to a spaceport on the planet, and he, Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Furlag made their way there. En route, Skorr contacted Barezz to appraise him of their progress. As the bounty hunters entered the docking bay where the Rebels were preparing to leave the planet, Skorr spotted Kestrel, a young woman who had previously encroached on his territory, among the Rebels. The bounty hunters began firing at Kestrel as she fled to the Rebels' ship, though she was able to get aboard without being hit. Furlag then concentrated his fire at the fleeing ship, but at such a distance his shots were ineffective, and the Rebels were able to escape. Members of the ISB then arrived, telling the bounty hunters to back off, as they were taking control of the situation. Furious, Furlag vented his frustration at Skorr, and left with Zuckuss and 4-LOM.[3]



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