Use this infobox for articles on holidays, festivals, celebrations, and other cultural or religious observances.

Field list

All fields should be understood to pertain to only the group who observe the holiday.

  • prev= What is the previous holiday for the observing group, if known
  • conc= What other holidays fall during the same time for the observing group, if known
  • next= What holiday follows this one for the observing group, if known
  • name= The name of the holiday
  • imageBG= Color for the background of the infobox image
  • image= Infobox image that illustrates the holiday
  • observedby= Name of the group who observes the holiday
  • significance= Important features or significance of the holiday
  • celebrations= If smaller-scale celebrations take place during the holiday, list them here
  • observances = If smaller-scale observances (lower-key, and more intimate than celebrations) take place during the holiday, list them here
  • place= Location(s) where the holiday takes place
  • begin= When the holiday begins (for multi-day holidays only), if known
  • end= When the holiday ends (for multi-day holidays), if known
  • date= When the holiday is observed (for single-day holidays), if known; if the holiday is observed annually, biannually, etc. may also be noted

Usage instructions

Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling in all known fields:

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