This infobox is derived from {{Starship class}} for use on specific examples of a class. {{Starship class}} should only be used on ship class articles.

Usage instructions

Cut and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs.

|max accel=
|max speed=
|shield gen=

Data fields

  • name – Simply list the name of the ship. Use italics for proper names, but not for conjectural names.
  • image – put a link to the image at a width of 250 pixels or less.
  • class – List the original class of the ship, even if it's modified.
  • manufacturer – Identify the manufacturer of the vessel, if this template is used for a unique vessel or a vessel made from a known design but by a different company than the original.
  • modifier – List (with bullets, if multiple) the people/organizations who have modified the ship.
  • sysmods – List (with bullets, if multiple) the systems known to be modified

In the "technical specifications" section, do not use a field if the specification does not differ from the class standard.

  • length – Length of the ship
  • width – Width of the ship
  • height – Height of the ship
  • max accel – Maximum acceleration in "g"
  • mglt – Speed in MGLT -- do not use if "max accel" is known. MGLT is primarily a gameplay mechanic.
  • max speed – Maximum atmospheric speed
  • maneuverability – Maneuverability rating
  • engine – Types of sublight and atmospheric drive systems
  • hyperdrive – Hyperdrive ratings
  • hdsystem – Hyperdrive system (or "none" if no hyperdrive)
  • poweroutput – Power output in watts (this field will rarely be used)
  • power – Types of power systems
  • shield gen – Type of shield generators (with rating if known)
  • hull – Type of hull materials (with rating if known)
  • sensor – Types of sensor systems
  • target – Types of targeting systems
  • navigation – Navigation computer systems
  • avionics – Avionics/flight control systems
  • countermeasures – ECM and stealth systems
  • armament – List of weaponry equipped
  • complement – Support craft carried aboard
  • crew – Number of crew (with crew breakdown if known)
  • skeleton – Minimum crew required for operation
  • passengers – Number and type of passengers carried
  • capacity – Cargo capacity (be careful, this may overlap with complement and passengers)
  • consumables – Duration of consumable goods stored aboard
  • othersystems – Any systems not listed above
  • role – Duties this ship is known to have performed
  • era – List the eras in which the ship is used here
  • commission – If we know exactly when the ship was launched, put it here.
  • destroyed – If the ship was destroyed, list the date of that event.
  • retired – If the ship was retired/decommissioned, list the date here (this will rarely be used)
  • battles – List battles and events in which the ship is known to have been involved in chronological order.
  • affiliation – List governments and/or major organizations associated with this ship.
  • fleet – The fleet to which the ship belongs (if any)
  • taskforce – The task force to which the ship belongs (if any)
  • owners – If ship is privately owned, list the owners here in chronological order
  • captains – List the ship's known commanding officers here in chronological order.
  • namedcrew – List notable crew members in alphabetical order.