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Usage instructions


All fields need to be explicitly assigned to as; otherwise, use of the "=" symbol in the links messes up the template. The http://www.starwars.com/ part of the URL is not required for "url." Everything after it is. The "int" field is optional and provides a link to the Wookieepedia article, if one exists. The "org" field is for the original link to the article prior to the 2011 revamp, if one exists (such as The Clone Wars Episode Guides), minus the starwars.com/ part of the URL. If the URL is a subdomain of starwars.com, such as starwarsblog.starwars.com, the subdomain can be specified with the "domain" parameter (e.g. domain=starwarsblog).

With domain parameter:


Please note that this template is to be used for all StarWars.com articles published after the official site's revamp on September 13, 2011. For articles published prior to then, use {{SWArchive}}.

See also

For pages in the Star Wars Hyperspace section of the Official Site, use {{Hyperspace}}. For Databank or Encyclopedia entries, see {{DB}} and {{SWE}}, respectively. For the Official StarWars.com Blog, use {{Blog}} with the specified parameters.