StarWarsKids.com {{{text}}} - StarWarsKids.com

Usage instructions

This template is to be used for all StarWarsKids.com webpages.


All fields need to be explicitly assigned to; otherwise, use of the "=" symbol in the URLs messes up the template.

Required parameters

  • |url= The URL of the page, minus https://www.starwarskids.com/.
  • |text= The formatted text to display.

Optional parameters

  • |int= This field is optional and provides a link to the Wookieepedia article, if one exists.
  • |domain= If the URL is a subdomain of starwarskids.com, such as games.starwarskids.com, the subdomain can be specified for example, domain=games.


See also

For videos published on the site's YouTube channel, use {{SWKidsYoutube}}.