• I've got the script updated, so now it should work. Can you replace:

    // add the original english title as a subtitle for the article, linking to Wookieepedia's corresponding page.
    function showEnTitle()
      //check if the link exists
      var enTitleDiv = document.getElementById('enTitle');    
      if(enTitleDiv == null || enTitleDiv == undefined)
      //don't add it on the home page
      var isHomePage = document.getElementsByClassName('mainpage');
      if(isHomePage.length > 0)
      //check if the header exists
      var header = document.getElementById('WikiaPageHeader');  
      if(header == null || header == undefined)
      //clone the node and add it at the end of the header
      var cloneNode = enTitleDiv.cloneNode(true);
      header.appendChild(cloneNode); = "block";
    // add the original english title as a subtitle.


    /* En title */
    (function() {
        var $ent = $('#enTitle'),
            $header = $('.page-header__main');
        if ($ent.exists() && $header.exists() && !mw.config.get('wgIsMainPage')) {
            $header.append($ent.clone().css('display', 'block'));
    ? It should work again, when you submit it for review.

    Another thing, please remember (and remind Adero about it too) to update the interwiki link on Wookieepedia and when you rename articles without leaving a redirect. :)

    Wish you happy new year

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