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I am the user Hanzo Hasashi of Wookieepedia. Back in 2008, I discovered the existence of Wookieepedia, and through that website, learned that so many minor movie characters had names and backstories to them, far more than I thought. I used to think that if they weren't named in movies or Databank, they weren't named period, yet some have prominent roles in EU stories, or had entries in the Databank's "What's the Story," even if they weren't even credited in the films. As my interest in Star Wars emerged again, I also discovered Yodapedia later that year. One of the things I immediately liked about this site is the fact that it did not just assume whatever WP said was correct, and as I saw certain WP articles here, I realized that not everything from Wookieepedia was necessarily true, and that Sompeetalay and Wild Whiphid don't rely on Wookieepedia, and, in many cases, commented on how things on WP weren't true before making the same pages on this website, sans any unverified info, assumptions, and even fanon. Around that time was when I too realized that not everything said on Wookieepedia is necessarily true. Although I am not able to speak Dutch, I find myself lucky that both Wild Whiphid and Sompeetalay can speak both English and Dutch, and I have still found ways to contribute to this website.

Interests and other things about me (Star Wars related)[]

I find minor movie/Decipher card characters among the most interesting aspects of characters, and among certain friends of mine, I am known to have expert knowledge of minor characters seen in the films. On Wookieepedia, I have made good and comprehensive articles of several of those characters, and for many, I found Yodapedia to be really helpful, in both finding out where they are in the films, and also in getting rid of any unverified info when there was any. Often, the articles I would improve would have unverified info that I would delete after checking Yodapedia, then a long time later, would go back to the articles, and improve them.

In my opinion, the Clone Wars is great, however I wish it did not always make so many retcons. And the fact that Darth Maul is coming back in that series is just ridiculous. His Databank entry stated he died, and I don't know how many other sources have too. I am hoping that he indeed was killed, but is just resurrected, so that at least the fact he actually died is not overruled. I also wish the Databank did not disappear to be replaced by far less comprehensive Encyclopedia entries that don't even state characters' ultimate fates when applicable. It was bad enough that the newer ones they developed before the Databank's disappearance were even less comprehensive than the original ones, oftentimes giving incomplete information, and not even having sections separating (when applicable) movies, EU, and Clone Wars. How times change...

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