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Hello there, my name is Dat1899. I'm a relatively new Star wars lover since although i knew about the franchise since i was a young child, i got into via the original Star Wars: battlefront video game, and i prefer Legends lore over Canon lore, but don't be mistaken, canon lore has some good stuff too, Col Takbright for example. Anyways, i really like the Minor characters in the original trilogy, and i often expand upon them in fanfiction, but another thing I'm interested in is the actors who played all these extras, but were uncredited. There are several of these actors, and we're gonna talk about them in this blog.

So the first actors we're gonna talk about are the actors who played the many rebel pilot's throughout the original trilogy. Only a handful were ever credited. So first of all, the actors that were credited in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Only a handful of actors were credited, and they were.

Those are the actors that were credited, however, we already come across an error in the credits. Drewe Henley, the actor who portrayed Garven Dreis, Red Leader, was misidentified as "Hemley", and this problem hasn't been rectified. Furthermore, some of these pilot's were overdubbed by American voice actors, notably Denis Lawson who played Wedge Antilles, was overdubbed by David Ankrum in the film, who was uncredited. Colin Higgins also portrayed Wedge/Col Takbright during the briefing scene.

Now the strange thing is, where is Theron Nett? Well the actor who played Nett remained a mystery for a long time. He had just as many lines as Biggs or Jek Porkins, but he was uncredited. the actor was also overdubbed by an American actor. Some assumed that he was played by a man named Mauy Chaykin, but it was soon determined that Mauy Chaykin was a mispronunciation of Maury Chaykin, who was an American actor who didn't resemble the actor seen in the film.

However, we finally found out the truth when Jack Klaff, the actor who played John D. Branon confirmed the actor who played Theron Nett was in fact Robert O'Mahoney, an English actor and an old friend of Klaff's. Klaff had no idea where he was around that time. O'Mahoney had become a popular actor in Ireland sometime in the 1990's, and is still acting to this day, but nobody has ever interviewed and i assume he has pretty much forgotten about the small role he played in Star Wars.

However, we also have another unidentified actor, which is the actor who played Puck Naeco, Red Twelve. At first, when i discovered Jason Fry identified the pilot as Puck Naeco simply because he looked like someone else and was wearing a different helmet, i thought he was wrong. I did an entire series of posts on Wookiepedia called "The Identity Of Puck Naeco" where i tried to solve this mystery. I just though the actor was way too similar to Robert O'Mahoney. I also found out that we never see O'Mahoney's helmet ever again in any of the films, so perhaps it was damaged and replaced by a different helmet during filming.

However, i soon started to consider my thoughts, it seems that Red twelve was going to be a serious character in the film. I discovered this when i found out they actually made a special X-Wing for Red twelve, red Twelve's name was mentioned in the script, and i learned that at least twenty pilot's were filmed at Elstree Studios in 1976. So yeah, i came to the conclusion that i was wrong, but who played Puck Naeco?

Well, first of all, we should discuss John Chapman, an actor who portrayed an unidentified pilot in the Briefing scene. He says his character was given the call sign "Red Twelve", but to my knowledge, this is Fanon. However, John Chapman's pilot does bear a resemblance to a pilot named Hamo Blastwell from the Star Wars: X-Wing game released back in 1993. Anyways, there is an actor who says he played Puck Naeco, and that actor is Christopher Matthews, ho is an American actor. Not much is known about Chris Matthews, but he has attended some conventions and he has signed some autographs. However, that's one thing that really bugs me, autographs. To me, autographs really aren't enough, that's why i love interviews so much. When we get to see the actor's faces, we can compare it to their film counterparts, we can determine if they have any similarities with the actors they claim to have played. So yeah, we have no known photos of Chris Matthews, so until then, I'm unconvinced. But yeah, now moving on to some of the extras from the briefing scene and the hangar scene among some other minor scenes in the film.

So, we already discussed John Chapman, he played a Rebel pilot in the briefing scene and in the award ceremony scene. there are also some other actors who say they were in those scenes. The first were gonna talk about is Victor Gallucci, who played a stormtrooper and a rebel pilot. Gallucci appeared in some other films and TV series', and i honestly think it matches up pretty well with the pilot he says he played, so for now, Vic Gallucci get's an ok from me. Laurie Goode is an actor who also portrayed a pilot in the briefing scene, and we know he was definitely in the film, and he portrayed multiple characters. And he, Gallucci and Chapman are the only actors who claimed their roles in the films, however, fans think some other tv series actors were in the film. These actors are Giles Melville, Bill Risley, Norton Clarke, Bobby Drisco, David Paine, Kelly Varney and also possibly Ted Berg (Although, Ted Berg could just be Jon Berg, since i couldn't find any information on him).

So, first we're gonna talk about Melville, who i could only find one extra image of, and that image matches pretty well with the guy seen in the film, the guy also bears a resemblance to the actor whom played Nozzo Naytaan in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in my opinion. Melville gets an ok from me, for now of course.

As for all the others, i could barely find any information on them. I managed to find some images of Kelly Varney, Norton Clarke and Bill Risley, but i can't figure out which pilot's they could have played. As for Bobby Drisco and David Paine, i couldn't find any info on them at all.

As for the pilot's in the hangar scenes, there are two actors i'm gonna talk about. So, we currently don't know who played Bren Quersey or Wenton Chan, however some think Jack Klaff portrayed Quersey and Laurie Goode portrayed Chan, but this isn't true. As for Ryle Torsyn and Hol Okand, we know more about the people who likely played them. So, i, and many others think that Ryle Torsyn was portrayed by John Ketteringham, who portrayed an Imperial Imperial Security Bureau officer earlier in the film according to script supervisor Ann Skinner. He has appeared in several films, and i think Ketteringham portrayed Torsyn, however, no official information confirms. As for Okand, most think he was portrayed by Welsh actor David Eynon, and i think that too, but still, no official information.

There's also another actor who i want to talk about, since i also have a story to tell. So, some think that Elyhek Rue, the pilot sitting next to Lepira in the briefing scene. For the first time, i decided to create an article on Wookiepedia, and it was an embarrassment. It eventually got taken down because i couldn't find a reliable source. and i was the one who requested that it should be deleted. Sometime after this, i came across a photo where Elyhek Rue's actor, who may or may not be Mykel Mills is eating lunch outside Shepperton Stuidios in 1976. So, did Mills portray Rue? I have no idea.

I think we should also mention a website that provided much of this information, by accident. I am of course tal;king about Aveleyman, a sometimes useful website that people usually go to find the actors who portrayed the extras in the Star wars trilogy. Well, here's my advice, both Imdb and Avleyman aren't very good sources. Sometimes, Aveleyman is a pretty good source, but i wouldn't recommend it.

Anyways, moving on to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, now most of the rebel pilto actors thatw e know of have been credited in the film. Those are.

So those are all the credited actors. I think i should clear some things up. You can briefly see Kit Valent, Zev Seensca's gunner in the film, but that's only a re-used shot of John Morton in the T-47 cockpit. John Morton was also misidentified as Kesin Ommis in the briefing scene, but this problem was rectified. It is unknown who overdubbed Denis Lawson in this film, but Ian Liston was overdubbed by Terence McGovern and Richard Oldfield was overdubbed by Corey Burton. So, who played all the other pilot's?

Well, only two actors have said they were in the film, those actors are Anthony Guilding and David Stone who were in the briefing scene. Guilding played many characters in the trilogy, but he also played Gemmer Sojan, and later a Rebel crewman in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, ant that crewman hasn't been retconned into Sojan, not yet anyway. Stone originally played Wioslea in A New Hope and he played the rebel pilot Will Scotian during the briefing scene. There's also one more actor who possibly played the character of Vekozev Kabir in the film. Some think he portrayed by American actor Terence Mcdonald also known as "Mac". Mac is actually a rather popular actor, and he does look a lot like Vekozev Kabir in the film, but he has never claimed the role, and he's never signed any autographs either, so, yeah, I'm 90% sure he played Kabir.

As for all the others, we're really not sure. It seems that out of all the films, TESB has the least amount of known minor actors and extras, which is a shame, but it's good to know we still know some actors. Now onto Jedi.

So as for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, we know much more about the extras and minor actors in this film, but surprisingly, only one rebel Pilot actor was credited.

  • Denis Lawson-Wedge Antilles

This is rather surprising, considering several pilot's appeared in the film, and I'm really no sure why Lawson, and only Lawson was credited, i guess they needed to make way for the Ewok actors. However, many of the uncredited rebel pilot actors are still known, mostly thanks to interviews, call sheets, and BTS info.

So, first of all, we know Arvel Crynyd was portrayed by Scottish actor Hilton McRae, though he was uncredited and overdubbed. The call sheets also provided us with some pretty good information, the X-Wing pilot's seen during the battle were played by Ronny Cush, Billy J. Mitchell and Vivienne Chandler. Ronny Cush played Grizz Frix, Billy J. Mitchell played Keir Santage and Vivienne Chandler portrayed Dorovio Bold, though her scenes were cut from the final film. As for the Y-Wing pilot's, the callsheets claim the actor's were Eiji Kusuhara, Timothy Sinclair and Errol Shaker. Most fans believe Eiji Kushara played Gureni Telsij, and although this hasn't been confirmed, everyone, including some of Kusuhara's close friends believe this is true, therefore, i believe he portrayed Telsij in the film. As for Timothy Sinclair, he is very mysterious, but i belive he played Horton Salm, Ekelarc Yong and subsequently "Red Two", thanks to the guys at, who decided to analyze a photo of Sinclair from a British tv series called Good Behaviour, and comparing it to Gray Leader, Red Two and Gray Three. As for Errol Shaker, his scenes were cut from the final film. Now onto the A-Wing pilot's, so we know that Sila Kott was played by Poppy Hands, though she was overdubbed by an American man. There was also another A-Wing pilot, an elderly woman, who was cut from the film. Her actress is unknown, but many think she was played by actress Ann Murray, but I don't believe this claim. Although she does look similar to Ann Murray, she seems to be speaking with a Southern American accent, not an English accent, and if she was speaking in an English accent, she would probably be overdubbed. Michael Drew also played Jake Farrell in the film. there are also two other pilot's cut from the film, though i assume they were meant to play the cut B-Wing pilot's. These are Mon Calamari pilot Ika Sulko, portrayed by Tim Rose and Simon Williamson, and an Unidentified Sullustan pilot, played by an unknown puppeteer, though he was likely portrayed by Rose, Williamson and Mike Quinn. Those are all the actors who played the Rebel pilot's in the battle sequence, but there are also several actors who played some background rebel pilot's in the film.

For one, we know that Richard Bonehill, who played several characters throughout the trilogy, played Ten Numb during the briefing scene. Terence Mustoo also portrayed an A-Wing pilot later retconned into Tycho Celchu. David Stone appears again, and he plays a B-Wing pilot later retconned into Keyan Farlander. Larry Sheppard played a Y-Wing pilot, who is unidentified, but i just call him "Lawrie-Gray Six". And Lynne Hazelden portrayed Karie Neth. Those are all the actors we definately know we're in the film, but a few actors were also supposedly in this scene according to some fans. First I'm gonna talk about Danny D'arcy, who claims to have played an unidentified A-Wing pilot (Who i call Green Wing) in the scene, however, until we see his face, I'm unconvinced. Some other fans also claim an actor named Jack Orris played Kin Kian, and although he supposedly signed two trading cards, I'm unconvinced. Even Aveleyman doesn't know if he really played Kin Kian. One fan also says that he knows the actor who played Palso Thern, a man named Rick Britt. his story seems believable enough, but Britt hasn't even signed any autographs, and the fan hasn't responded to any questions that people have asked him, so, hmm. To my knowledge, those are all the known actors from the briefing scene, and we also know at least one actor who was in the hangar scene, Terry Sach, who played an unidentified A-Wing pilot, and was also a stand-in for Christopher Lee in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. However, there are two other actors who say they were in the film, but I'm unconvinced so far. Those two actors are John Altman and Richard Driscoll. Although they say they were in the film, they don't specify who they specifically played, which to me, is very suspicious. John Altman is especially suspicious to me, since he had his head photoshopped on Mark Hamill's body, and he also signed a Trading Card of Wenton Chan. As for Richard Drsicoll, he's a producer, and one fan messaged him, but still, Driscoll didn't specify who he played in the film.

And that's all of the actors who played the Rebel pilot's in the ot films, next time, I'll talk about the Imperial officers, cheers.