Hieronder staat een Lijst van Droid modellen uit The Clone Wars. De tabel is sorteerbaar op model, functie, fabrikant en debuut. Ook individuele droids zijn opgenomen in een aparte tabel op deze pagina.


2-1B Surgical DroidMedical DroidGeentech Corporation (IA) Film: The Clone Wars
3PO Protocol DroidProtocol DroidCybot GalacticaFilm: The Clone Wars
501-Z Police DroidSecurity DroidSoroSuub Corporation2.11: Lightsaber Lost
631 ModelBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.07: Duel of the Droids
8D8 Smelting OperatorLabor DroidRoche Industries3.08: Evil Plans
A-Series Medical DroidMedical DroidMerenData1.10: Lair of Grievous
Aqua Battle DroidBattle DroidOnbekend3.02: ARC Troopers
ASP DroidLabor DroidIndustrial Automaton4.06: Nomad Droids
B1 Battle DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat AutomataFilm: The Clone Wars
B2 Super Battle DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat AutomataFilm: The Clone Wars
B2-AA Air Assault SBDBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.13: Jedi Crash
B2-HA Super Battle DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat AutomataFilm: The Clone Wars
BD-3000 Luxury DroidServant DroidLeisureMech Enterprises1.05: Rookies
BU Bartender DroidServant DroidIndustrial AutomatonFilm: The Clone Wars
BX Commando DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.05: Rookies
C-14OnbekendOnbekend1.06: : Downfall of a Droid
CLL-M2 Binary LoadlifterBinary LoadlifterCybot Galactica2.19: : The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
DD-13 Cybernetic Surgical DroidMedical DroidUbrikkian Steamworks6.04: Orders
DroidekaBattle DroidColicoid Creation NestFilm: The Clone Wars
DSD1 Dwarf Spider DroidBattle DroidCommerce GuildFilm: The Clone Wars
DUM Pit DroidPit DroidServ-O-Droid4.06: Nomad Droids
D-Wing Battle DroidBattle DroidOnbekendTCW Legacy
FA-4 Pilot DroidPilot DroidSoroSuub CorporationFilm: The Clone Wars
Fire-BreatherIncinerator DroidOnbekend4.21: Brothers
Firefighting Battle DroidMaintenance DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.04: Destroy Malevolence
FX-6 Medical Assistant DroidMedical DroidMedtech Industries6.04: Orders
GL Vendor DroidVendor DroidCybot Galactica2.14: Duchess of Mandalore
HMP Heavy Missile PlatformGunshipBaktoid Fleet OrdnanceSeason 5
Hyena-class BomberBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.21: Liberty on Ryloth
IG-100 MagnaGuardBattle DroidHolowan MechanicalsFilm: The Clone Wars
IG-86 Series Sentinel DroidAssassin DroidHolowan MechanicalsFilm: The Clone Wars
LEP Servant DroidServant DroidCoachelle AutomataFilm: The Clone Wars
LM-432 Crab DroidBattle DroidTechno Union1.08: Bombad Jedi
LR-57 Combat DroidBattle DroidRetail CaucusFilm: The Clone Wars
Mark IV Architect DroidArchitect DroidOnbekend5.07: A Test of Strength
Millicreep DroidAssassin DroidOnbekend4.07: Darkness on Umbara
MSE-4 General Purpose DroidMouse DroidRebaxan Columni3.19: Counter Attack
Onbekende Nanny DroidNanny DroidGoCorp/Utilitech2.03: Children of the Force
Nano-DroidOnbekendOnbekend5.17: Sabotage
NR-N99 Persuader-classBattle DroidCorporate AllianceFilm: The Clone Wars
Octuptarra Combat Tri-DroidBattle DroidTechno UnionFilm: The Clone Wars
OOM Command OfficerBattle DroidBaktoid Combat AutomataFilm: The Clone Wars
Pistoeka Sabotage DroidBattle DroidColicoid Creation Nest5.13: Point of No Return
PLNK-series Power DroidMaintenance DroidIndustrial Automaton1.03: Shadow of Malevolence
Police ProbeProbe DroidOnbekend2.14: Duchess of Mandalore
R2 Astromech DroidAstromechIndustrial AutomatonFilm: The Clone Wars
R3 Astromech DroidAstromechIndustrial Automaton1.06: Downfall of a Droid
R4 Astromech DroidAstromechIndustrial AutomatonFilm: The Clone Wars
R5 Astromech DroidAstromechIndustrial Automaton1.12: The Gungan General
RA-7 Protocol DroidProtocol DroidArakyd IndustriesFilm: The Clone Wars
RAN-D House DroidServant DroidOnbekend3.09: Hunt for Ziro
RIC General Labor DroidLabor DroidServ-O-Droid5.15: Shades of Reason
Rocket Battle DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.02: Rising Malevolence
Scrubber DroidLabor DroidIndustrial Automaton3.01: Clone Cadets
Sniper DroidekaBattle DroidColicoid Creation Nest4.11: Kidnapped
SP-4 Analysis DroidScience DroidCybot Galactica2.01: The Holocron Heist
Spider Assassin DroidAssassin DroidOnbekend2.13: Voyage of Temptation
Spider Killer ProbeAssassin DroidOnbekend2.13: Voyage of Temptation
Stobar Spaceport Police DroidSecurity DroidOnbekend4.22: Brothers
Super Tactical DroidTactical DroidOnbekend5.03: Front Runners
TC Protocol DroidProtocol DroidCybot GalacticaFilm: The Clone Wars
Techno-Service DroidServant DroidVertseth Automata2.01: The Holocron Heist
Transforming Demolition DroidBattle DroidOnbekend3.10: Heroes on Both Sides
Tri-Fighter DroidDroid StarfighterPhlac-Arphocc Automata Industries3.12: Nightsisters
T-Series Tactical DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Combat Automata1.13: Jedi Crash
Vulture-class Droid StarfighterBattle DroidHaor Chall & BaktoidFilm: The Clone Wars
WA-7 Service UnitService DroidGoCorp & Utilitech4.21: Brothers
WED Treadwell Repair DroidMaintenance DroidCybot Galactica1.09: Cloak of Darkness
Zardossan DroidSecurity DroidOnbekend6.09: The Disappeared (Part 2)


Naam Model Affiliatie Debuut
327-TWED TreadwellGalactic Republic1.09: Cloak of Darkness
4724B1 Battle DroidSeparatists1.14: Defenders of Peace
4A-2RRA-7 Protocol DroidHondo Ohnaka1.11: Dooku Captured
4A-7RA-7 Protocol DroidSeparatistsFilm: The Clone Wars
685B1 Battle DroidSeparatists1.14: Defenders of Peace
Aut-OSuper Tactical DroidCIS5.10: Secret Weapons
AZI-3Medical DroidGalactic Republic6.02: Conspiracy
Battle Droid 513LR-57 Combat DroidDeath Watch4.14: A Friend in Need
BNI-393LEP Servant DroidGalactic Republic5.13: Point of No Return
BO-N1Spa Assistant DroidDroid Spa3.08: Evil Plans
BU-11BU Bartender DroidZiro DesilijicFilm: The Clone Wars
C-0693PO Protocol DroidHalle Burtoni2.15: Senate Murders
C-3PO3PO Protocol DroidGalactic RepublicFilm: The Clone Wars
C-21 HighsingerOnbekendBounty Hunter4.20: Bounty
CS-321RA-7 Protocol DroidGevangene van piraten4.06: Nomad Droids
EV-A4-DA-Series Medical DroidSeparatists: Grievous1.10: Lair of Grievous
GL-916GL Vendor DroidWinkelier3.08: Evil Plans
HELIOS-3DIG-86 Sentinel DroidBounty Hunter1.22: Hostage Crisis
HELIOS-3EIG-86 Sentinel DroidBounty Hunter3.08: Evil Plans
HuyangMark IV Architect DroidJedi Instructor5.07: A Test of Strength
J0-N08D8 Smelting OperatorCad Bane3.08: Evil Plans
K-8PO3PO Protocol DroidOnbekend3.08: Evil Plans
K0-5DASP DroidGladiator Droid4.06: Nomad Droids
K2-B4T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists3.18: The Citadel
KalaniSuper Tactical DroidSeparatists5.03: Front Runners
KrakenSuper Tactical DroidSeparatists6.01: The Unknown
KRONOS-327IG-86 Sentinel DroidZiro DesilijicFilm: The Clone Wars
LD-112Security DroidCybloc Transfer Station5.01: Revival
LEP-171BLEP Servant DroidTan Divo2.15: Senate Murders
LEP-86C8LEP Servant DroidNuvo Vindi1.17: Blue Shadow Virus
LEP-96M3LEP Servant DroidWhorm LoathsomFilm: The Clone Wars
M5-BZR4 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic5.10: Secret Weapons
MR-T3R4 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
MarwigoWA-7 Service UnitPlop Dribble's4.21: Brothers
MF-803PO Protocol DroidGardulla3.09: Hunto for Ziro
OM 5Battle DroidTrade Federation2.03: Supply Lines
OM 7Battle DroidTrade Federation2.03: Supply Lines
O.M.5B1 Battle DroidSeparatists2.07: Legacy of Terror
OOM-10OOM Command OfficerGalactic Republic3.18: The Citadel
OOM-87OOM Command OfficerSeparatists5.09: A Necessary Bond
OOM-224OOM Command OfficerSeparatists1.01: Ambush
QT-KTR2 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic5.10: Secret Weapons
R0-Z67Onbekende Nanny DroidDarth Sidious2.03: Children of the Force
R2-C2R2 Astromech DroidZiro the HuttFilm: The Clone Wars
R2-D2R2 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Anakin SkywalkerFilm: The Clone Wars
R2-J8R2 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic1.03: Shadow of Malevolence
R2-KTR2 Astromech DroidGalactic RepublicFilm: The Clone Wars
R2-Y9R2 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic1.03: Shadow of Malevolence
R3-D5R3 Astromech DroidJedi Order3.20: Citadel Rescue
R3-S6R3 Astromech DroidSeparatists: Grievous1.06: Downfall of a Droid
R4-C4R4 Astromech DroidOnbekend3.08: Evil Plans
R4-M1Astromech DroidJedi Order2.21: R2 Come Home
R4-P17R4 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Obi-Wan KenobiFilm: The Clone Wars
R4-T5R4 Astromech DroidJedi Order3.20: Citadel Rescue
R5-L26R5 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic4.06: Nomad Droids
R5-P8R2 Astromech DroidHondo Ohnaka1.12: The Gungan General
R5-S9R5 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic1.22: Hostage Crisis
R5-U8R5 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic1.03: Shadow of Malevolence
R6-H5R2 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Kit Fisto1.10: Lair of Grievous
R7-A7R2 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Ahsoka Tano1.19: Storm Over Ryloth
R7-F5R2 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Plo Koon1.03: Shadow of Malevolence
R7-G8R5 Astromech DroidOnbekend4.06: Nomad Droids
R7-LOR2 Astromech DroidJedi Order: Barriss Offee4.07: Darkness on Umbara
R8-B7Astromech DroidJedi Order2.21: R2 Come Home
RB-551B1 Battle DroidSeparatists1.21: Liberty on Ryloth
R9-D9Astromech DroidSanjay Rash5.04: The Soft War
Russo-ISCSP-4 Analysis DroidJedi Order5.17: Sabotage
SD-357Security DroidCybloc Transfer Station5.01: Revival
SN-D1Spa Assistant DroidDroid Spa3.08: Evil Plans
TA-175T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists1.21: Liberty on Ryloth
TB-22-1B Surgical DroidTwilightFilm: The Clone Wars
TC-326TC Protocol DroidGalactic Republic2.08: Brain Invaders
TC-70TC Protocol DroidJabba Desilijic TiureFilm: The Clone Wars
TF-1726T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists1.13: Jedi Crash
TI-99T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists2.16: Cat and Mouse
TJ-55T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists1.16: The Hidden Enemy
TJ-912T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists3.12: Nightsisters
TN-123T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists2.21: The Zillo Beast
TODO 360Techno-Service DroidCad Bane2.01: The Holocron Heist
TV-94T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists2.09: Grievous Intrigue
TV-94BT-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists3.02: ARC Troopers
TX-20T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists1.20: Innocents of Ryloth
TX-21T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists2.05: Landing at Point Rain
TZ-33T-Series Tactical DroidSeparatists3.21: Padawan Lost
U9-C4R5 Astromech DroidGalactic Republic5.10: Secret Weapons
VD15959B1 Battle DroidSeparatists6.04: The Big Bang
WAC-47DUM Pit DroidGalactic Republic5.10: Secret Weapons
Z9R5 Astromech DroidWilhuff Tarkin5.13: Point of No Return

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