Hieronder staat een Lijst van Personages uit Star Wars: Resistance. De tabel is sorteerbaar op naam, species, functie of debuut.


Naam SpeciesEpisode Debuut
4D-M1NDroid (V)Doza's Assistant Droid1.05 The High Tower
AlMens (M)Barfly1.01 The Recruit
Armitage HuxMens (M)First Order General1.20 No Escape, Part 1
Ax Tagrin2.00
BB-8BB Astromech DroidResistance Droid1.01 The Recruit
BiboOnbekend (M)Zeewezen1.11 Bibo
Bo KeevilKel Dor (M)The Aces1.01 The Recruit
Bolza GroolKlatooinian (M)Gorgmonger1.01 The Recruit
BucketAstromech DroidTeam Fireball1.01 The Recruit
BugglesVoorpak (M)Huisdier
C4Astromech Droid (M)New Republic Droid1.01 The Recruit
CB-23BB Astromech DroidResistance Droid1.06 Signal from Sector Six
Chl'parrChelidae (M)Colossus Custoduan1.06 The Children from Tehar
CS-515Mens (M)First Order Stormtrooper1.15 The New Trooper
CS-812Mens (M)First Order Stormtrooper1.15 The New Trooper
DrellWeequay (M)Piraat1.07 Synara's Score
EgdirIthorian (M)Onbekend1.02 The Triple Dark
EilaMens (V)Vluchteling1.06 The Children from Tehar
Ello AstyAbednedo (M)Resistance piloot1.06 The Children from Tehar
Elrik VonregMens (M)First Order Major1.01 The Recruit
FlixOnbekend (M)Handelaar in onderdelen1.01 The Recruit
Freya FenrisMens (V)Racepiloot1.01 The Recruit
G1-7CHDroidRX Pilot Droid1.01 The Recruit
GarmaArcona (V)Onbekend1.04 Fuel for the Fire
GL-NDUM Pit DroidOffice of Acquisitions1.01 The Recruit
GlemRodian (M) - RodiaOnbekend1.01 The Recruit
GorkOnbekend (M)Onbekend2.02 A Quick Salvage Run
Gorrak WilesSullustan (M)Mecanicien1.04 Fuel for the Fire
GrevelAleena (M)Onbekend1.01 The Recruit
Griff HalloranMens (M)Ex-TIE Pilot / Racepiloot1.01 The Recruit
JooksTheelin (v)Onbekend1.01 The Recruit
Hallion NarkNeimoidian (M)Spion voor piraten1.02 The Triple Dark
Hamata XionoMens (M)Senator1.01 The Recruit
Hugh SionMens (M)New Republic piloot1.01 The Recruit
Hype FazonRodian (M) - RodiaRacepiloot1.01 The Recruit
Imanuel DozaMens (M)Operator van Colossus1.04 Fuel for the Fire
Jace RucklinMens (M)Piloot1.04 Fuel for the Fire
Jak SivrakOnbekend (M)Race Announcer1.01 The Recruit
Jarek YeagerMens (M)Team Fireball1.01 The Recruit
Kazuda XionoMens (M)Resistance spion1.01 The Recruit
KelMens (M)Vluchteling1.06 The Children from Tehar
Kragan GorrQuarren (M)Piratenleider1.02 The Triple Dark
Kylo RenMens (M)First Order leider1.06 The Children from Tehar
LE-12Droid (M)LE Repair Droid1.01 The Recruit
Leia OrganaMens (V) - AlderaanResistance General1.01 The Recruit
Lin GaavaMens (v)Mecanicien1.04 Fuel for the Fire
Marcus SpeedstarMens (M)Racer1.09 The Platform Classic
MB-13ABB Astromech DroidFirst Order Droid1.20 The Escape, Part 1
Mia GabonMens (V)New Republic piloot1.01 The Recruit
NarbSnivvian (M)Goon1.03 The Triple Dark
NamuaNautolan (M)Onbekend1.01 The Recruit
NarvinOnbekend (M)Onbekend2.02 A Quick Salvage Run
Neeku VozoNikto (M) - KintanTeam Fireball1.01 The Recruit
NodSnivvian (M)Goon1.03 The Triple Dark
Norath Kev2.00
OpeepitFrigosian (M) - Tansyl 5Conciërge1.01 The Recruit
OplockNikto (M)Mecanicien1.08 The Platform Classic
OrkaChadra-Fan (M)Handelaar in onderdelen1.01 The Recruit
OrthogOnbekendOnbekend1.01 The Recruit
PhasmaMens (V) - ParnassosFirst Order Captain1.03 The Triple Dark
Poe DameronMens (M) - Yavin IVResistance piloot1.01 The Recruit
PyreMens (M)First Order Commander
R23-X9Droid (M)Astromech Droid - Blue Ace1.01 The Recruit
R4-D12Droid (M)Astromech Droid1.08 The Platform Classic
R4-G77Droid (M)Astromech Droid - Green Ace1.01 The Recruit
R5-G9Droid (M)Astromech Droid - Black Ace1.01 The Recruit
RoltGotal (M)Onbekend1.14 The First Order Occupation
SC-X2DroidAstromech Droid - Yellow Ace1.01 The Recruit
SkreekTrandoshan (M)Piraat1.03 The Triple Dark
SnarlHaskk (M)Piraat2.02 A Quick Salvage Run
Synara SanMirialan (V)Piraat1.03 The Triple Dark
T3-K10DroidAstromech Droid - Red Ace1.01 The Recruit
Teroj KeeKeteerian (M)First Order smokkelaar1.12 Dangerous Business
TiernyMens (V)First Order Security Bureau1.19 Descent
ToomsHassk (M)Piraat1.03 The Triple Dark
Torra DozaMens (V)Racepiloot1.01 The Recruit
ValikPalliduvan (V)Piraat1.14 The Doza Dilemma
VicMens (M)Onbekend1.11 Bibo
Vil'pakChelidae (M)Colossus Custoduan1.06 The Children from Tehar
VuskOnbekend (M)Piraat2.02 A Quick Salvage Run
YaniGotal (M)Onbekend1.01 The Recruit
Z'Vk'ThkrkzaCrolute (V)Caféuitbaatster1.01 The Recruit
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