Fate[brontekst bewerken]

According to The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, "Watts and his co-pilot, Major Marquand, were captured during the Battle of Endor when Chewbacca and a pair of Ewoks commandeered their AT-ST scout walker." Hanzo Hasashi (overleg) 10 sep 2012 04:45 (UTC)

  • Yeah. Sounds rather strange since they were thrown out of the cockpit :p --Sompeetalay (overleg) 10 sep 2012 08:26 (UTC)
    • I think this was copied from the Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia, and I myself doubted they even survived being thrown out. :P Also I thought Watts was the co-pilot, not Marquand. Hanzo Hasashi (overleg) 10 sep 2012 13:31 (UTC)
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