Threat of Peace

Threat of Peace is een online comic die de situatie introduceert zoals die zal zijn in het spel Star Wars: The Old Republic. De strip is een samenwerkingsverband tussen Dark Horse, BioWare en LucasArts. Het script is van Rob Chestney, die ook schreef voor de verhaallijn in het spel. De tekeningen zijn van Alex Sanchez, ingekleurd door Michael Atiyeh en van tekst voorzien door Michael Heisler.


Quote: "War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire has gripped the galaxy for decades, but the sacking of Coruscant and a subsequent peace treaty are changing everything. As the Republic scrambles to re-establish order, the Sith Empire moves quickly to consolidate power within its new dominion. Behind closed doors, however, individual Sith Lords engage in a quiet but deadly power struggle, and discord breaks out among the Jedi as they wrestle with the moral implications of the new galactic balance. During these chaotic days, the stories of several critical characters interweave as they pursue their passions, stand up for their convictions, and ultimately lead the galaxy back to the brink of a catastrophic conflict."



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