Star Wars - Dark Forces
Star Wars: Dark Forces
Producent LucasArts (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
Kierownik projektu Daron Stinnett
Dystrybutor w USA
Rok wydania oryginalnego 1995
Gatunek FPP/TPP shooter
  • PC (DOS, 1995)
  • Macintosh (1995)
  • PlayStation (1996)
  • PC (Windows, 2009)
  • PlayStation 3 (2010)
  • PSP (2010)
  • Linux (2015)
Epoka Era Powstania Imperium, Era Rebelii
Czas akcji 0 BBY - 1 ABY

Dark Forces, to gra komputerowa stworzona przez LucasArts w 1995 roku. Jej akcja rozgrywa się w latach 0 BBY - 1 ABY. Jest to pierwsza część sagi Dark Forces (lub Jedi Knight). W pudełku gry znajdowała się także instrukcja z poradnikiem: Dark Forces Manual: Coded Transmissions. W 1995 roku wydano także samodzielny poradnik: Dark Forces: Official Player's Guide.


  • Secret Base
  • Talay: TAK Base
  • Anoat City
  • Research Facility
  • Gromas Mines
  • Detention Center
  • Ramsees Hed
  • Robotics Facility
  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Jabba's Ship
  • Imperial City
  • Fuel Station
  • The Executor
  • The Arc Hammer


  • Modified Bryar Pistol (Blaster Pistol)
  • Stormtrooper Laser Rifle (Blaster Rifle)
  • Thermal Detonator (Grenades)
  • Imperial Repeater Gun (Auto Gun)
  • Jeron Fusion Cutter (Fusion Cutter)
  • I.M. Mine (Claymores)
  • Packered Mortar Gun (Mortar Gun)
  • Stouker Concussion Rifle (Concussion Rifle)
  • Assault Cannon (Dark Trooper Weapon, Plasma Cannon)

Napisy początkowe

A long time ago in a Galaxy far,
far away....

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The New Order of the Empire stretches
its evil clutches across the galaxy,
consuming planets with devastating
results. Through many struggles, the
Rebel Alliance has learned of a new
Imperial battle station, the DEATH
STAR, with enough power to destroy
an entire planet.

Unable to acquire the plans to the
deadly space station, the Rebels have
employed the skills of Kyle Katarn.
Known to most as a mercenary for
hire, Katarn is a rogue figure who has
a partial alliance with the Rebels.

Armed only with a blaster pistol and
an intimate knowledge of Imperial
methods, Kyle prepares to infiltrate
the Imperial base where the plans are


  • Project Leader - Daron Stinnett
  • Lead Artist - Justin Chin
  • 3D Engine - Ray Gresko
  • Story - Justin Chin
  • Programming - Daron Stinnett, Ray Gresko, Winston Wolff
  • Level Design - Ingar Shu, Jim Current, Matt Tateishi, Brett Tosti
  • Tools - Winston Wolff
  • Texture Placement - Aaron Muszalski, Chris Ross
  • Texture Artwork - Chris Hockabout, Patrick Sirk, Tom Payne
  • 3D Artwork - Ralph Gerth IV, Scott Baker, David Vallone, Ron Lussier, Bill Stoneham
  • 2D Cutscene Artwork - Justin Chin, Jon Knoles, Paul Mica
  • Art Technician - Aaron Muszalski
  • Video Effects - Michael Levine, C. Andrew Nelson, Mark Christiansen
  • Animations - Leonard Robel, Gordon Baker
  • Additional Art Design - Paul Mica
  • IMUSE Interactive Music System - Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Michael McMahon, Justin Graham
  • Music and Orchestration - Clint Bajakian
  • Digital Sound Effects - Clint Bajakian
  • Voice Directing and Editing - Khris Brown
  • Voice Producer - Tamlynn Barra
  • Cast
    • Kyle Katarn, Imperial V/O - Nick Jameson
    • Jan Ors - Julie Eccles
    • Rom Mohc - Jack Angel
    • Mon Mothma - Peggy Roberts-Hope
    • Stormtrooper, dying Rebel and Narrator - Denny Delk
    • Darth Vader - Scott Lawrence
  • Install utility - Gary Brubaker
  • Landru System Developed - Edward Kilham
  • Executive Producer - Steve Dauterman
  • Projekt Coordination - Dan Connors
  • Lead Tester - Brett Tosti

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