Olá Hotcat! Tudo bem?

Tem um tempo que eu entro mais por aqui. Esses dias, quando "voltei", vi na página inicial do wiki a frase "No tag_id, size, or slotname" espalhada por vários lugares. A página está diferente, tá um pouco bagunçada. Isto está acontecendo com você também? . Como percebí que você tem mais experiência por aqui, gostaria de perguntar se você tem idéia do que seja isto...além do mais, você sabe como mudar a página inicial (mudar o tema destacado, por exemplo).

Obrigado. Que a força esteja com você --Bafex Skywalker 16h20min de 9 de dezembro de 2009 (UTC)

Hello Bafex, I'm C-3PO, the programmer of the computer bot HotCat from the German wiki Jedipedia. I do not speak Portugese but hope that you understand English. You can use Google Tradutor if you need to translate my message (I also used Google to translate and understand your message).
Even though I am not active in the Portugese wiki, I know very much about programming and may be able to help you. I searched for the error message you got and many other wikia users saw the same message in their wikis last week. I do not see the error message but I found a screenshot of it and it seems that the message appears at the same spot where usually the advertisements are placed. Maybe the advertisement website had a problem and could not display the advertisements. Another reason may be that you have an advertisement blocker installed. Anyway, it seems to work now.
About the main page: You can change the Artigo destacado in the template Predefinição:Artigo destacado. In our German wiki, we vote for our best articles and put a new article in the template every month. Because your wiki is smaller, I suggest that you just from time to time put in a new article in the template.
I hope that I could help you and that you could understand me. I tried to write as easy as possible but if you have more questions, you can ask me. Have a great day, C-3P0 02h03min de 10 de dezembro de 2009 (UTC)

Olá novamente[editar código-fonte]

Hey Hotcat, wellcome back...and Have a great new year!

Thanks for anwser my last message. But, I do not understand what is the "computer bot". What is it use for ? It's a kind of tool or something like that in wiki ?

May the force be with you. --Bafex Skywalker 10h42min de 8 de janeiro de 2010 (UTC)

Vandalism[editar código-fonte]

Hi, HotCat, why you vandalized the article Batlle of Hoth. See here. Sorry for the bad english.--Darth Vader Jr.Discussão 21h20min de 16 de fevereiro de 2010 (UTC)

In this case HotCat replaced the content with the article from the Finnish wiki. Thank you very much for telling me about it. The bug already happened before in the Spanish wiki and seems to appear sometimes when a new interwiki link is added. I will try looking into the code of HotCat to find out what went wrong but I am not sure if I can find the mistake. Have a nice day, C-3P0 00h57min de 17 de fevereiro de 2010 (UTC)

Error[editar código-fonte]

Hello C-3PO (or anybody else who is using HotCat)

The bot HotCat is making some incorretions: JediSam said that he is doubling the interlinks in his articles and in the pages I make, he is adding a blank line. Can you tell me what is that and can it be corrected?

Sorry for the bad English

Thales César (discussão) 23h19min de 10 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)

In case you have not seen it, I answered on your user talk page. --C-3P0 17h28min de 11 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)
Ok, right. But why is HotCat adding a blank line in the articles I make?
Thales César (discussão) 21h08min de 17 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)
It doesn't really matter. It's just that when I create an article, I always write the interwikis, so I always think I'm making your work easier. However, when the bot do edit the article, I feel like I forgot something or I'm not helping you. But it's just a blank line. You don't have to change anything about HotCat, nevertheless you could tell me how to add that blank line. I'm using the new Wikia's editor, and I do add some lines before I categorize the article but it seems that it's not working. So, how do I add that line with the new editor?
Thales César (discussão) 16h35min de 18 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)
Very well. I will add the portuguese link in Wookieepedia. But then I thought: "I'm gonna add the intewlinks there just for HotCat create a blank line here?". Of course it will help the wiki itself, but I think adding a line it's just not necessary. I mean, if you want to do it, all right, but it is a small detail. I won't mind if you add or not that line, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Anyway, thanks for the attention.
Thales César (discussão) 17h19min de 18 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)
I have thought about that and everybody here uses the new editor so no one is able to add that blank line. Therefore, I'm requesting you to do not add that line anymore, once it's not necessary and when somebody edit the page you already have edited, the line is deleted because of the new editor.
Sorry to have bothered you
Thales César (discussão) 13h56min de 20 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, it seems that everybody here uses the new editor, so I'm requesting you to do not add that blank line anymore, as that line will be deleted when anyone edits a page. Could you do this for us? Thanks very much.
Thales César (discussão) 23h45min de 31 de Janeiro de 2012 (UTC)

ola[editar código-fonte]

ola colega eu sou novo aqui,eu edito poucas coisas na wookipedia(english),mas quero editar aqui tambem,valeu!!!.

uma pergunta na versao de ps2 ,wii e psp de star wars the force unleashed 1,qual e o nome dos rifles que os jumptroopers e officiais imperiais usam???se eu tiver problema,vou falar com voce OK.(^_^)vo editar e eu nao sei sobre outras coisas alem de star wars battlefront 1 e 2,force unleashed ps2 e star wars clone wars PS2...TCHAU

PEACEMAKER180 (discussão) 11h33min de 25 de Julho de 2012 (UTC)

AlphaHotCat[editar código-fonte]

Hello, I hope you teambuilding in our wiki, I see that our linguistic communication hurdle has not stopped editing perfectly here, I hope you enter the chat is better because then you can ask questions of agreement CAREFULLY: Mestre Asade 22h37min de 5 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC)

  • Hi Mestre Asade, HotCat is a computer program and all the edits are done automatically, so do not expect it to enter the chat. ;-) The admins of your wiki know about HotCat and have approved it. Let me know if you have further questions. --C-3P0 (discussão) 08h25min de 6 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC)

Obrigado[editar código-fonte]

Obrigado Hot Cat por ter adicionado os links de interlang na página Snowtrooper, bem isso foi um pouco desagradavél pois eu estampei um emuso no inicio da página.

(Jeanderson17 (discussão) 02h33min de 6 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC))

  • Hi Jeanderson17, I am sorry that HotCat was editing your page while you had the Predefinição:Emuso up. Unfortunately, HotCat is a computer program, a bot, which runs automatically and does not check for that template. However, HotCat is only editing the interwiki links, so I do not think that the edits are wrong. Feel free to ask me if you have other questions. --C-3P0 (discussão) 08h25min de 6 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC)

hi[editar código-fonte]

hi hotcat

Lord Tyranus 16h53min de 19 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC)

  • Hi Lord Tyranus, nice to meet you! Unfortunately, HotCat is a computer bot and cannot talk to you. However, feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Have a nice day, C-3P0 (discussão) 22h19min de 19 de Novembro de 2012 (UTC)

Linha em branco[editar código-fonte]

Olá HotCat (ou C-3PO)! Como vai? :D

Well, I've seen HotCat adding a blank line over {{Interlang}}; sorry if it is necessary or intentional, but I just don't know the reason. :)

Here is an example: http://pt.starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cliegg_Lars?s=wldiff&diff=0&oldid=82253


JediSam(discussão) 18h37min de 4 de Agosto de 2014 (UTC)

Hi JediSam! HotCat is programmed to always put an empty line between the article and the Interlang template. Because of that, you will sometimes see edits like this where HotCat only adds an empty line but does not change the interwiki links.
Whether there is an empty line between article and Interlang, or whether there is no empty line, is not that important. But what is important is that this is consistent across the whole wiki. HotCat can't put this empty line on some articles, but ignore it on others.
Wookieepedia decided that they always want to have this empty line. Because of that, this is the default settings for all other wikis.
If you do not want to have these empty lines on the Portuguese wiki, let me know and I will turn it off. Please note that in this case you will see a few edits where HotCat will change nothing except remove the empty lines between article and Interlang.
Hope I could answer your question! --C-3P0 (discussão) 18h44min de 4 de Agosto de 2014 (UTC)
Thanks, you don't need to turn it off. I just thought it could be a bug or something and tried to tell you. JediSam(discussão) 18h50min de 4 de Agosto de 2014 (UTC)

Categories[editar código-fonte]

Hello, HotCat Master!

I've seen a problem in Interlang links in categories, the link to Wookieepedia is always wrong. Take a look, here.

As you can see, although HotCat correctly used all the parameters in the Template, the link to Wookieepedia sends you to an inexistent page:

Em outras línguas

To avoid this problem, I've been using the old linking in categories, which doesn't have this problem:


I would like to ask your opinion about this and ask if you know what is happening and if there is a solution.


JediSam(discussão) 15h49min de 13 de Março de 2015 (UTC)

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