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«А ты не думаешь, что разведка опять облажалась, и мы сейчас охотимся за пустотой?»
Лоубакка Джейне Соло (источник)

Разведывательное управление Новой Республики (РУНР или РНР) было разведывательным агентством Новой Республики, отвечающим за получение и анализ информации об иностранных государствах, корпорациях, организациях и частных лицах, и представления такой информации в различные ветви правительства Новой Республики.

Организация и роль

Обязанностями отдела разведки было обнаружение, расследование и анализ любых потенциальных угроз безопасности Новой Республики. В рамках своих обязанностей РНР отвечал за сбор данных в широком спектре информации, а также знание о каких-либо конкретных техниках или технологиях, которые были активны в то время.

Thus, they often collected holovids, sensor scans, personal histories, corporate records as well as any other information they could gather from captured databases. From this information, they determined the level of threat that was posed to the New Republic. In addition to this information gathering approach, the Intelligence Service also made use of reports from underground agents, researchers, documented events and service personnel to bolster its knowledge of the target. However, the reliability of the information was not always a certainty due to certain sources being incapable of being fully verified such as those from smugglers, mercenaries and independent traders.

New Republic Intelligence Service was also fond of using false intelligence at times in order to feed misinformation to enemy spies as a form of counterintelligence against their operations. Furthermore, they made active use of starships to gather further data and relied in intelligence units such as Wraith Squadron. They also possessed a fleet of speedy as well as stealth based ships with operatives making use of Incom T-65BR X-wing reconnaissance starfighter as well as Republic Engineering Corporation's own Ferret-class reconnaissance vessel and Prowler-class reconnaissance vessel.

Information that was gathered by Intelligence was later reported to a number of divisions within the New Republic. Due to the fact that it was part of the military, agents of NRI wore dark green uniforms when not in the field and had standard military ranks. It ran parallel with Fleet Intelligence with its members wearing the uniform of the New Republic Defense Force.[1] NRI appeared to have been a military or paramilitary organization, providing its officers with military ranks and operating units such as Black Force Squadron. It also reported to the Council on Security and Intelligence.

The head of the organization held the title of Director with another ranking position being that of Deputy Director of New Republic Intelligence. Further makeup of Intelligence ranged doctors, soldiers, field operatives, scientists, tacticians, theoreticians and even a small number of Noghri though the duties of this latter group were not entirely known. NRI Officers were largely recruited from the New Republic Defense Force and consisted of soldiers with desirable skills and were given thorough training in order to develop espionage skills after which they were placed into action. Only the more experienced operatives were given deep cover assignments with the best being gone for long periods of time. As such the majority of these officers simply gathered information and transmitted it to headquarters where it was later analyzed by experts. In addition, the agency maintained a network of safehouses that operated on as many as two hundred worlds. The distribution of the safehouses meant that some were located within the Core and others within the Rim. This allowed NRI to dispatch agents to any site and on any mission within a thirty six hour time frame.

Jokes about Bothans and gornts were popular at NRI; Iella Wessiri estimated that she'd heard a thousand jokes on that variation after serving there for a few years.




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