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Сектор Факир (англ. Fakir sector) — сектор Колоний.

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The sector included several hundred planets capable of sustaining life. Fifty of those planets developed sentient life, but only ten of species achieved space-travel technology. Люди settlers colonized around 150 other planets in the sector.[5]

Planets in the sector included Abonshee, Alabash, Iyuta, Lorimax, Mycroft, Palanhi, Vakkar, Doneer'so, Flankers, Halowan, Sinkar, and Fakir itself. The Sarnikken Asteroid Belt and the asteroid Yirt-4138-Grek-12 were also in the sector.

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During the Войны клонов, the Sector was controlled by the Корпоративный альянс.

When the Галактическая Империя came to power after the Clone Wars it established government headquarters on Doneer'so[5], and placed it under the rule of Мофф Lorin[14] The sector was considered safe and stable, which led to most of the Sector Fleet's forces being from the sector following the Битва при Явине in 0 ABY. While these forces fought the Альянс за восстановление Республики in the Outer Rim, the Rebels took the opportunity and inserted the Reekeene's Roughnecks Irregulars to destabilize the sector. After several months, the Imperial Governor-General had to request an entire battle fleet as reinforcements.[2]

Around 2 ABY, it was also the operation area of Хо'дины saboteur Yansan.[15]

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