också känd som Octo

  • Jag bor i Earth, per popular request (previously from the 23π²th dimension)
  • Mitt yrke är being stupid
  • Jag är the senate
  • Bio Hello there! I am Octo: Investigator of this universe, and my own! I love to edit, and use discussions. I can be found on the Wookieepedia primarily, but I'm everywhere. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Anyway, big Star Wars fan, so you'll see me on the Wook a lot. I also like Marvel, but I'm not too active on that Fandom. Long story. I'm on a ton of other Fandoms but you'll have to find me, because I'm not telling. I know HTML and a bit of JavaScript too. I hate TikTok. Don't approach me with it. I seriously love to eat fruit, and international cuisine; mostly Irish, Italian, and Chinese food, but I love it all!

    I'm well skilled in the knowledge of the sciences, most notably biology and astronomy, hence my title as the Investigator of this Universe (and my own). I like to play video games when I can, and I love to make people laugh with memes. I've been memeing for quite a while now.

    I'm not great at art, but I've found myself quite skilled (at least in my own eyes) at the Japanese art of sumi-e. I'm also an avid gardener, and home-farmer (without an actual farm). Recently, I've started bonsai, but my trees rarely ever make it past adulthood in those tiny containers. Practice makes purpose! I've been playing piano for MANY years, and I really enjoy it. I'd like to get into the saxophone and bagpipes.

    Lastly, I love to learn languages! I'm mostly fluent in Swedish (Kör på!), which allows me to understand Norwegian, Danish (to an extent) and Welsh. Other languages I can speak, albeit not quite fluently, are Japanese, Greek, Dutch, German, Mando'a, and Irish Gaelic.

    Well, this pretty much sums up my whole life. ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

    Some Memorable Octo Quotes:

    "Don't live life afraid of being caught." [Came up with this one after witnessing a few lies. Had to come up with something wise to talk 'em out of it!]

    "It was just a joke!" [Things happened]

    "Experience and failure are the best tutors." [I forget]

    "It may not be probable, but there's usually always a one hundred percent chance of maybe." [My personal favorite. I always tell people this when they feel something is out of their reach probability-wise]

    "It's the people, not the product." [Never mind this one]

    "No, please don't translate the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise into Google Translate! NOOO!" [Heh]

    "Practice makes purpose!" [An alternative to "Practice makes perfect", as nobody's really perfect]

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  • Let me know, do you speak Swedish?

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    • Visa alla 5 svar
    • I don't speak Swedish. I'm an admin here but my adminship is just temporary, until there's someone who'd like to write articles and take care about the site.

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    • Oh. Yeah, sorry, I wouldn't be able to run this. Maybe someday, when I consider myself 100% proficient at the language. I'd consider myself about 75% there. 

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  • Hej, välkommen till Star Wars Wiki! Tack för din redigering på sidan Stass Allie.

    Lämna ett meddelande på min diskussionssida om jag kan hjälpa till med något!

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