aka Kłentum

  • Я живу в yn Pholynn🇵🇱
  • My occupation is gynsaghey çhengey Gaelg
  • Я - dooinney
  • Bio Failt ort dys my ghuillag ymmydeyr! Mish Quentum as ta mee cummal ayns yn Pholynn. Ta Polynnish aym feer vie as ta Baarle aym castreycair. Va mee gynsaghey Germaanish ayns scoill, agh er lhiam dy vel Germaanish atçhimagh. Ta mee gynsaghey çhengey Gaelg agh ta mee litçheragh. Er lhiam dy vel Gaelg feer symoil. S'mie lhiam „Star Wars”.

    S'mie lhiam gee pronnagyn, soo-thallooinyn as peetsey, as giu tey as shocklaid çheh. Cha mie lhiam giu ushtey, lhune as feeyn.

    Kys t'ou? Cre voish t'ou? Cre'n ennym t'ort? C'red t'ou jannoo?
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🇬🇧Leave me a message if there is anything I can help you with :)
🇵🇱Zostaw mi wiadomość, jeśli mogę ci w czymś pomóc :)

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  • Dear mr. Quentum,

    I have a question. I can't understand how to add this Шаблон:Тип. I have found this template but it says that "This template does not have fields to edit.". Could You help me? Thanks.

    Best regards,


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    • I see you use Visual Editor. I suppose VE finds only parameters in templates written in wikitext and HTML, while Template:Тип takes the code from a module written in Lua. Nevermind. I don't think you will be able to add this template into pages by VE, I would suggest using classic editor. On this page I have written how to switch into classic editor and listed some basic codes used in it.

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    • Another thing, please DO NOT add [[Категорія:Канонічні статті]] to pages, because this category should be displayed using Тип.

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    • Thank You very much.

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    • A FANDOM user
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