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  • Dear Mr. Quentum,

    I would like to ask you not to make useless edits like removing spaces in the Interlang templates. First of all, those edits are really meaningless and secondly, I think that it would be easier to read with spaces as well with straight columns in templates. Hopefully you will understand me. All the best and take care of yourself.

    Best regards,

    Roan Fel

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    • Hello there!

      Thanks for contacting me, however I'm not able to stop doing that. Let me explain why. The thing is, I am using a script to update interwiki links (it helps me update them in all wikis at once). This script automatically removes spaces from Interlang template and I can't even stop it from doing that. It's not like I make it remove the spaces in this particular wiki - it does it everywhere, where such space appears, without me deciding about it. The other reason why spaces in Interlang are needed is this bot. Some time ago it broke and sometimes it works, sometimes not. But when it sees a space, it doesn't recognize the link and removes it automatically.

      Of course I support adding a space in template parameters, we do so on my native wiki. But I think Interlang is not a part of the article that is often edited. It could be the one staying without spaces. Hope you understand me.

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    • Dear Quentum,

      Thank you for your reply and sorry for reacting late. First of all, I would like to mention that I am a perfectionist, although I fully understand the problem. If you continue to preserve spaces on your wiki, wouldn’t you like that I will usually add them in the Interlang section (for example, when creating new articles)? And couldn’t you fix your bot or start using a new one?

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    • Starting using another script just for a single wiki makes no sense. Fixing the script to add the spaces just in this wiki is possible, but well, the script very long (such long that it loads quite long while visiting its page). And the more code is added to it, the slower it will work and there'd be higher possibility of bugs (more code = more problems). Also, I'd like to notice that spaces in interlang do not change the way it is displayed on a page so it is only visible in edit mode. When you first contacted me, I talked to Staszhel about this issue, and he agreed with me.

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