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<tabber> Introduction= First we need create articles about Jedis, next Sith... templates, I really hope Quentum, not only this user, but more people see this post/blog, ok? I'm trying to get more articles, but I ask sorry for the wiki, 'cause I'm alone... and that's it's dificult to get 200 articles... I'm giving my best...

|-| You're alone?= Yes... I am... in editing, because Quentum don't edit, but he creates, some complex things... he helps me.

|-| Editing and Creating= Quentum, I want your help, I know... You don't speak vietnamnese, me too, but translate on Google Translator, please!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

|-|Quentum's answer=

|-| "Other Answer"= Dear Darth Yeelhoy,