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"Blue" Imcrix was an infamous male Taloron crime lord who was involved in spice smuggling in the Moddell sector around the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Imcrix discovered a valuable source of the rare, potent narcotic known as Rokna blue in an abandoned space station in the Endor system, and lured a group of New Republic agents to the station, hijacked their ship and attempted to use them as shields in his efforts to retrieve the drugs first. Imcrix's plot wound up unsuccessful, and he was arrested and returned to the New Republic for trial.


A member of the blue-skinned humanoid species[2] known as the Taloron, "Blue" Imcrix was a notorious crime lord who was active in the Outer Rim's Moddell sector during the era of the New Republic. Imcrix was involved in spice smuggling activities, and towards the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War he discovered a potentially lucrative source of Rokna blue, a once-popular narcotic extracted from a fungus found on Endor. Imcrix learned that a potent strain of Rokna blue had grown in an abandoned drug lab in Rokna Station in the Endor system.[1] However, the New Republic also learned of the existence of the Rokna, and sent a demolition team to destroy the station and destroy Imcrix's source. Needing a diversion to help him retrieve the drugs before the station was destroyed, Imcrix reactivated Rokna Station's defense systems, which began firing at random passersby. This attracted a separate group of New Republic agents—Imcrix and his crew then hijacked their ship and tried to use them as shields as he tried to extract the drugs. However, Imcrix's plot was unsuccessful, and the agents captured the crime lord and turned him over to the New Republic for trial.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

An infamous crime lord by the time of the New Republic, "Blue" Imcrix was an active participant in spice smuggling and other illegal activities, and was willing to go to lengths such as hijacking and kidnapping in order to protect his profits.[1]

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"Blue" Imcrix first appeared in "Wired to Kill", a Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure scenario that was published in Star Wars Gamer 9 in 2002.[1] Imcrix later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia in 2008.[3] Those two sources differ on Imcrix's role in the action on Rokna Station: while the Encyclopedia states that Imcrix reactivates the station's weapons systems in an attempt to lure New Republic agents, "Wired to Kill" suggests that the station reactivates on its own in an effort to protect the stash of Rokna blue, and Imcrix arrives afterward. For the purposes of this article, the newer source is treated as being correct.



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