The "DN bolt caster" was a type of plasma disruptor developed by Drever Corporation.


The "DN bolt caster" was a Drever Corporation plasma disruptor,[1] which could be charged for greater power as well as for a chain effect in which the electrical shocks would travel from one droid to another. Since the bolt caster was not an ion blaster, it was also devastating when used against organics, although to a lesser degree than when used against droids and cyborgs. It was however limited by its short range and slow rate of fire.[2]


Clone Carrying a DN Bolt Caster

A clone trooper pilot carrying a bolt caster on Geonosis

Originally, Drever Corp had designed the "Phoenix II" plasma disruptor as a tool used by special forces for breaching blast doors and air locks. Seeing its effectiveness against droids and its usefulness as a weapon, many soldiers began wielding it against battle droids and other enemies that they encountered. After realizing its undeniable capability as a weapon, Drever Corp promptly produced the "DN bolt caster" for use as an expensive yet highly efficient weapon against droid armies.[1]

When the Clone Wars broke out, many clone trooper pilots utilized this weapon in several key conflicts including the Battle of Geonosis, the Defense of Kamino, the Second Battle of Rhen Var, and the Battle of Kashyyyk.[2]

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The DN bolt caster serves as the clone pilot's primary weapon in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Battlefront.



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