"Many Hutt foods are quite delicious, including this "punky muffin" sandwich. A breakfast favorite on Nar Shaddaa, it features a poached gorg egg, Klatooine paddy frog sausage and a slice of jerba cheese on a pedunkee mufkin."
―Part of the sandwich's description on Dex's menu[1]

"Hungry Hutt" breakfast sandwiches were a type of breakfast sandwich made by the Hutt species that was popular on the Hutt-controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa. The sandwich contained a poached gorg egg, Klatooine paddy frog sausage, and a slice of jerba cheese, all served on a pedunkee mufkin.[1] At some point prior to its destruction during the first two years of the Galactic Empire's reign,[2] the eatery known as Dex's Diner on the planet Coruscant served the sandwiches with a breakfast side dish for 6.5 credits each. The Besalisk chef and owner of the diner, Dexter Jettster, considered the food to be delicious and described it as a "punky muffin" sandwich.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Hungry Hutt" breakfast sandwiches were featured in the 2009 StarWars.com Hyperspace exclusive article "Dining at Dex's," which was written by Gregory Walker in the form of an in-universe menu.[1]


Notes and references[]

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