This article is about the Greater Javin hyperspace route. You may be looking for the unirail passenger line on the planet Kothlis.

"The Loop" was a hyperspace route located in the Yarith sector. It was a circular route around the Kiax Nebula that connected the worlds of Lutrillia, Mijos and Shuldene. A portion of "The Loop" was part of the larger Lutrillian Cross hyperlane.


"The Loop" was a hyperlane located in the Greater Javin region of the Outer Rim Territories'[2] Western Reaches.[3] It looped around the Coreward side of the Kiax Nebula to link the planets Mijos, Shuldene, and Lutrillia, as well as two other star systems. In doing so, it passed through the Yarith and Anoat sectors, while intersecting with[2] the Cerean Reach at Shuldene[4] and forming a four-way junction with the Lutrillian Cross, the Koda Spur, and the Lutrillia–Darlyn Boda trade route at Lutrillia.[5]


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