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"I have literally met the Maker. I have extensive memories regarding the individual who designed and made me."

A male individual was a scientist who accidentally created the Triple-Zero protocol personality matrix. When he added cooperative algorithms to the matrix—including morality, empathy, equability and loyalty—he realized it was subverting them as fast as they developed, making the personality psychotic. While fascinated by his creation, the individual saw it as a reject, ordering his assistant to discard it in the trash compactor. However, the personality matrix took control of the droid assistant's body, escaping destruction. Many years later, Triple-Zero discovered his memories, and was disgusted by the circumstances in which he was created.[1]

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0-0-0's creator first appeared through flashbacks in the canon comic Doctor Aphra 30: Worst Among Equals, Part V, written by Si Spurrier, illustrated by Emilio Laiso,[1] and released on March 27 2019.[2]


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