The 1/4/16/64 Plan was the standard mode of operations for the Republic Military during the Clone Wars, and for the Imperial Military that succeeded it.

The plan divided the four subordinate corps of each sector army into smaller and smaller components, with one corps remaining intact as a mobile strategic reserve while the other three were split up. This allowed each sector army to coordinate one corps-level operation, four brigade-level operations, sixteen regimental missions, and sixty-four battalion-level operations concurrently on different planets throughout the sector army's theatre of operations. Each corps was also paired with four Republic Navy assault lines, containing two Acclamator-class assault ships and two frigates, allowing great strategic mobility.

In practice, the Grand Army of the Republic typically kept one corps in each sector army intact, but divided the others into hundreds of fast-moving raiding companies, with only a dozen or so formations operating at the battalion or brigade level, most of them usually drawn from the reserve corps itself.

The Plan remained the same under the Galactic Empire, though the brigade was replaced by the battlegroup.


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