The 101-C Medium Military Hover was a hovercraft built by Aratech Repulsor Company. It was designed for military use and employed by the Galactic Empire to transport supplies and troops in areas hazardous to normal repulsorcraft.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The 101-C, like other hovercraft, rode on a cushion of air created by lift engines and contained within a flexible skirt. This meant the vehicle could operate in environments which prevented the use of repulsorlift engines, though it was not as fast or maneuverable.[1]

Outwardly the 101-C was identical to its smaller cousin the 93-B Hovercraft, with the obvious exception of turret-mounted double blaster cannon atop the passenger compartment, and contained many of the same features. However it's engine system was noticeably stronger than the 93-B's, allowing it to move faster and carry additional armor plating. This included heavier plates of duralumin to protect the flextible skirt from weapon's fire. The additional weight of these systems did cut back on the amount of cargo which could be carried and reduced the craft's maneuverability.[1]

In addition to the pilot and co-pilot the 101-C normally carried a gunner, who controlled the double blaster cannons from the passenger compartment and could hit targets up to 900 meters distant. The fire control system for the cannons could also be slaved to the co-pilot's controls in case there was no gunner, although this meant more work for the pilot.[1]

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